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Whatever, Whichever, Whenever, Wherever & Whyever [new word]...
Wouldn't it be nice IF every American IS a Millionaire?.
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Eventually ....... I will have to file Trademark for my Logo & Brand in Precision Timing.

Slo-Truth / Sloth System

SHARING Significant Synchronize Sightfulness Secrets 'Solitaire Sloth System' Signs Symbols Simulations Splendidly.
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You don't need a rocket scientist to figure out what is good & bad in MORALITY. Do you?. Decision Day [vote]
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There IS... Conventional Wisdom.
Unconventional Wisdom.
Exceptional Wisdom.
The 3rd comes from God.

Rarest of the Rare [<I>]

Always 3 steps Ahead
Always .......

23rdC Geniius [<I>]



9 precious gemstones rings from Burma/Myanmar.


Bogoke Market Yangon

OATH of Office for EVERY U.S. President. Duty to UNITE the Nation regardless of political differences. Not DIVIDE the Nation.



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$uperior$loth$ystem 12292022


Pope Benedict RIP

Dated December 31st, 2022. My Way?. I will build a NEW International Airport in Mergui/Myeik City outskirts design for World Heritage & International Wildlife Preservation & Reservation Organization study for native fauna & flora as well as Tourism to flourish at this Awesome Amazing Archipelago to study explore & learn in the most stringently BALANCE way with Naked Nature. YES, we can do it with coherently between careful maintenance without damaging the Nature itself.
Myeik/Mergui City, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar. Myeik Archipelago (800 islands) IS one of the least known Archipelago in the world for it had shun off from the world for Centuries. Open starting from 2011.

GOD never DIE. God is NOT a specie (creation), therefore not subject to death which species are. For me no need to find/search for the Truth. I found the Truth for Jesus Christ said/declares he IS the Way, Truth & Life. He died 1st, Resurrected 2nd, now Alive (life) 3rd. 
Resurrection is conquering death. Reincarnation is soul enters into another form of specie. That's why in Buddhism they have the WHEEL of Circulation where souls enter into another form of specie again and again never ending the Cycle.
Resurrection [Christianity] & Reincarnation [Buddhism] are 2 different things... 
The Cross represent the Crucifixion of Jesus who face death & resurrected on the 3rd day CONQUERING death. Christianity symbol is "Conquering Death". Buddhism symbol is "Cycles of Never Ending".

For me no need to find Truth. I found the Truth for Jesus Christ said he IS the way, truth & life. He died 1st Resurrected 2nd now Alive (life) 3rd. 

Resurrection is conquering death.
Reincarnation is soul enters into another form of specie.

$loth ...

Resurrection [ Christianity ]
Reincarnation [ Buddhism ]
are 2 different things... 


Virtue Intel Image [V.I.I.]

All because of 1 man. Can you believe it?

What goes around, comes around. Predator CAN become Prey. Aggressor Russian Territories will be taken or destroyed by Force.

Feedback on Greenback:
America [ God's Country ] can pay OFF her debt in 1 day IF she wants to............
Exceptional Entity has Exceptional Entitlement to ...........
Wisworks ***

How is it GREENBACK USD is number 1 in the World, all the way to 2023, huh?. $26.185 Trillion currently. All "others" changed positions but not USD back by God.........
DreamWorks Debt.

During English Empire Era ...
India King in Burma then buried in Burma. Burma King in India then buried in India.

s t r a n g e huh?.

2 Buddhist Nations "Kingdom of Thailand" & "Republic of the Union of Myanmar" are struggling for Democray. Both Nations Military plays a MAJOR role in ruling their Country & People for MANY decades. These 2 Buddhist Countries are intertwined in Cultures, Historical backgrounds and similar life styles. Language is totally different between Thai & Burmese both in writing and speaking. Both Nations Constitutions are similar in construction. Thailand stage many MORE Military Coups than Burma with LESS causalities (Thai never use her Air Force to Bomb their villages & thai people) than massive Burmese Brutal Military Destructions to the country & people. SMART move by Thailand. Thailand still has Kings & Queens but Burma lost her Kings & Queens FOREVER. In fact the LAST Burmese King was buried in India. In World War 2 Thailand was so smart to avoid any Foreign Armies to rule her people. Smart move. Both Japan, British & French did not rule over Thailand during World War 2. NOW I believe China [ Democracy Hater ] will interfere in Thai politics to prevent Democracy flourish in Thailand, just like SHE did/interfere BLATANTLY in Burma/Myanmar. But I had confidence in Thai SMARTNESS in avoiding Chinese intervention in current winning Coalition Parties [6 of them] lead by 42 yr YOUNG Freshman HARVARD educated Brilliant popular guy PITA [ Move Forward Party/Leader ]. The PEOPLE have spoken with their desire. It's up to ruling Government & the Military to RESPECT PEOPLE'S wishes.
Note : This is NOT a translation to video in Burmese. This is My INSIGHT awareness of what's currently happening in 2 neighboring Buddhist Countries of South East Asia. Vast development prowess between Thailand & Myanmar where Thailand rank 2nd strongest economy in ASEAN 10 nations after Indonesia ranking first.


In Honor of 40th Anniversary (May 20th, 2023) Implement 

P r u d e n c e

I remember I didn't put up barb wire fences on one side of my 20 acre ranch land (nickname 'Circle Reserve') in California for the sake of Ranchers Community Cows to graze grass freely inside my vacant land which is surrounded by Ranchers.

Real Man Knows His Limitations.
Any Man That Doesn't Know His Limitations Is Not A Real Man.

Mynlish !+!

What is S & P means to you? To Geniius it means ...
Save & Prudence


When you ROLL $200,000 gain ... Can you eat $500 dinner? Can you mate?.

I think Geniius can. Possible? PMS/05252023

BRICS BEARISH ( clumsy ) Clowns?.

My answer (Alternate Intelligence / AI ) to the question is ... Financial Tenacity.
In other words USD is Back/Bless by God. NOT Gold.

Burmese twisted tongue phrase is tested on FLUENT Burmese speaking Mr. Pete Evans. He failed multiple times but can say correctly in the end by a Burmese guy saying in SLOW motion. This Burmese phrase is the more you say faster, the more twisted tongue you will be tripping into Wrongly saying. Bravo Pete !!!
The Burmese phrase is about a "toad/frog under the rock/stone. Some frog may be flatten but some can be puff up". The sound/accent is so similar that it can trip twist your tongue easily. The faster you say the more twisted it can be.

My Prime Rib Place... Lawry's.
Steak ... Prime Rib ... Brisket    which one you like BEST ?.