Solitaire Sloth System [ SSS ] is SERENITY, SLOW but STEADFAST Expert by Experiences.
Alternate Way. Sloth also means <Slow Truth> (Slo - th).
3 Pictures are 1) Polaris Point 2) Lynways 3) Secluded Silent Grandfather Peninsular, Myanmar.
SSS motto <I> "where ideas explode"
Sloth Theme <I> You go your way I go my way. Fair?
Alienated Biblical Number ... 3
Lyn Light Link
Slogans ...  Silent Serenity
Simple YET Sophisticated
Truth NEVER Lie
Awkward BUT Awesome
High End Wisdom

Sloth System Slogan
Nothing is permanent
Everything must pass
[<I>] 11232022

Sloth Defying Gravity
Primordial Preeminent Presence

Amen. LORD Thank you for Everything you have DONE. Credit to NAN.& Tuanboi
Such a wonderful sweet song. Nan Thin Aye. You are Wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you baby. JESUS is the Answer the Solution the Truth the Way & the Life. No doubt about it.
10,000 Reasons [ Sweet Song ]

Sloth Style <I> Don't Cross the Line <I> You Suspended me, I Banned you. I don't need to tweet because I'm NOT a bird to tweet !!!. Timeline in August 21st I tweet my last tweet and twitter sent me an email on August 23rd they suspended me. Same day I banned Twitter too. Well who banned who first?.
You go your way I go my way
You live your life I live my life
You do your thing I do my thing ... Fair Enough ?
Knowing Slowest Mammal On Earth Solitary Self-Sufficient Sloth. Strange Rare & Unique.
Weird Wisdom /// Research Rarest
Maybe the asteroid that struck our planet that distinguish the Dinosaurs millions of years ago, blind them. But lucky they survive the BLAST !.
Sir Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Unknown Universe [ UU ]
SATAN [ Anti - Christ ]
It IS (In-Sight) well known...
*No one IS above the LAW*
What IS the LAW?
It IS man made restriction on a piece of paper subject to imperfection. IS <I> 10222022
Deed or Dream?. I can elaborated with the help from Eternal God. Amen
Fact or Fiction... God Knows.
In this world people are chasing after MONEY. I'm different. MONEY chase me. There's a Burmese saying ....... when a strong Elephant is weak and lose weight & size it is still left in the strength & size of a Buffalo. 
SlothSystem ... <I>
Alienated Addjunction Argumentation <I>
In our Unkown Universe there IS Matter & Anti-Matter scientifically speaking which all scientists believe.
Perfect Example of Mirror & Mirage. One must know & understand the difference. Wisdom from God can reveal the truth. What you see IS true [ Liberty ] AND what you THINK you see IS not true [ Lucifer ]. There IS the difference of Feign & Falsehood. God give you the WISDOM to comprehend the difference. Amen. Follow me?. This IS what I call deceive & illusion or Devilishly Self Delusion/Deluded in Depth.
By the way, I was offered to join secret society (by mail) but I turn it down for I TRUST ONLY Jesus Christ. Amen After Amen.
Sloth System:-: Still in the Process of Research. Images Ideas Insights. 
JWST was launch on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2021.
As I figure, the scientists claim of Big Bang Theory is in doubt. Without Careful & Highly Intelligent Design [ HID ] Universe like ours can never exist. As time moves on the secrets of OUR/Earthlings' Universe will eventually reveal very slowly like SLOTH but Steadfastly & Significantly. It IS proven how tiny little did we know about our Solar System let alone our Unknown Universe.
LOOK, in the mathematical field omitting the number 3 is impossible for accuracy. Example: 1+ 3 = 4. But when you omit number 3 doesn't exist THEN you are creating fatal mistake & problem by saying believing 1+2 = 4 or 1+4 = 4 for 3 does not exist?. LESSON : One must not judge things matters one does not FULLY & COMPLETELY understand for the Judgement can be fatally flawed...........Sloth System <I>.
Mercedes Benz S Class Luxury.
MB S 500 AMG (2021)
AMG S65 (2020/2021)
AMG S 55 (My Car)
S Class S 55 (2005) AMG exactly the same (my car). Manufactured price $120,000
My Car still running pushing 17 yrs old & antique.
2006 S 55 AMG
2003 S 55 AMG
2004 S 55 AMG
DON'T... *use* Burmese Name, *discriminates* 'only one' Burmese employee & most important of all 'defame & insult' Burmese old man.
Devilish Darkside
Myanmar / Burmese Major Cities Name ...
Mandalay [ Central ] & Ye [ Southern ]. China follows Russia, Russia follows Myanmar as Model.
Let's fight in public for the world to see "Transparently" and the people decide on November 8, 2022.
Independent Ideas.
Elite Entity rules America. Neither the Congress or White House nor the Supreme Court rules America. These 3 branches are 'part' of it. The "real ruler" is Elite Entity. Human made LAWS are created favorably.
1 Billion people may need you
I don't need you
Slow Truth <I> Sloth.
My THIRST for Sovereign Independence & Liberty is precious, priceless & preeminent. Cannot be replace or exchange for anything. Amen.
Take Over
Putin Path
Age of Earth
DON'T... *use* Burmese Name, *discriminates* 'only one' Burmese employee & most important of all 'defame & insult' Burmese old man.
Devilish Darkside
Study & Research AMG
Best Deal
S55 AMG [ 2005 ]
IS over AI
I've been telling I.S. is superior than A.I.
A.I. comes from Machines. I.S. comes from Mind...<I>
New Electric Car
IS the Key in Life
Slow Truth / Sloth <I>
I haven't TRADEMARK my stuffs yet. Not yet because I want to SHARE it with HUMANITY at large for FREE in the INTENT of making the World better & best.
Opportunity Works. Don't block opportunity just because you dislike or look down on. That said, you're exercising wicked evil behavior. Be High End Morally
AMG S65 V12 (2006)
Mysterious Investor world record lost. 45Billion in just 45mins.
Launch date of "Lynpray Page" on March 17th, 2019 in "Face Book".
Sloth System [<I>]
MY (24carat Gold) RING. Bought in Myanmar. ONLY Myanmar. There are altogether 9 different precious stones. Ruby Sapphire Pearl Emerald etc. Remember number 9 is the lucky number in Myanmar. It cost me $ 9 Zillion Dollars. What the HECK ! Don't restrict the pursuit of Happiness HOBBY...... Ring Fit For "HighEndler". Amen. Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen After Amen.
My HOBBY is ONLY "Myanmar" 1] Precious Gemstones, 2] Pure Gold & 3] Yangon Street Foods. Principal 1,2,3.
Rarest of Rare [<I>]
I will enter frequent flyer member to prominent American Airline flying from Vegas to Yangon business/food tour.
Sloth System [<I>] 11132022
Raw stone bought for US $15.0 has been offered US $4,000.00 after cut.
Khamti raw small stone (uncut) sell for K50,000 ($25) worth K10,000,000 ($5,000). In Myanmar small Capital $25 can multiply 200 times easy and it's NOT 1 in 200 million chance.
In Majestically Mesmerizing Myanmar the "Imperial Jade" IS the finest quality in Jade and then you will find "Pigeon Blood" Ruby the finest quality in Rubies in the world.
Finest Jade in the world in Kachin State, Myanmar. Tooo much Buddhism wasted Jade and make the people poor.
L Y N stands for ...
LIGHT, YESHUA & NONPARTISAN all my life both in Myanmar & America.
Dated November 13th 2022.
MOGOK Preeminent Pride:
Rarest of Rare Stone MOGOK Burma Ruby sold for $30.3 Million. The ENTIRE region of MOGOK City IS sitting on the VEIN of Rubies & "Painite" Hyper Precious Stones of Planet Earth found ONLY in Myanmar. The ENTIRE Valleys, Hills & Mountains are full of Gemstones. This place is year round Misty and perfectly elevated to a precise height and EVERGREEN environment Nature had provided. Located in Northern Shan State (5 hours drive from Mandalay City), the largest State of Myanmar.
Genuine Ruby in natural spring water. No need to dig to find it. Mogok is rich in Finest quality Rubies. When you're walking always look on the ground for there are rubies laying around among common stones for when rain falls these rubies are wash away from hill sides and mountains sides full of rubies. Mogok Myanmar UNLIKE any place in the world.
MOGOK Rubyland 800 Anniversary narrated by Burmese Actress Htun Endra Bo, her birthplace. MOGOK valley is year round Misty and Evergreen City located in Shan State, the largest State in Myanmar.
I need to go there. My Passion/Hobby is collection of AMG ( USA ), Street Foods of Yangon /Gemstones/Gold [ Myanmar ].
MOGOK PRIDE & PROSPERITY :-: Or My Heading IS ... MOGOK PAINITE... The Rarest of the Rare.
[Tunnel Open Entrance dated 9th May 2009]. Did you know number 9 is the lucky number for Myanmar?].
Famous & Finest well known "Pigeon Blood" RUBIES of MOGOK revealed in Centuries Closed Myanmar. Unlike ANY place in the World. I rate this video disclosures higher than the ancient Great Pyramids of Egypt. WHY?. CUZ this disclosure is about the BEST of the BESTS, the RAREST of the RARE, the FINEST of the FINE Rubies KING of the GEMSTONES on Planet Earth. About Precious Preeminent Prosperity. NOT about DEAD Kings/Pharaohs.
Eventually ....... I will have to file Trademark for my Logo & Brand in Precision Timing.
Slo-Truth / Sloth System
In memory of ...
C O L believe in Rapture

C O L [ Children Of Light ]
Don't worry, Christian God will protect you @ all times... Rapture!
1st Coming was ... God of Love.
2nd Coming will be ...
God of Vengeance.
So Be It.
There is twin cities Sodom & Gomorrah and now twin countries Turkey & Syria
Christian girl
Hard Rock Hotel
The PATH to Heaven IS extremely narrow AND difficult. BIBLE never mention the path is wide AND easy... Ever!. It's up to individual to choose.