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Gold represent Wisdom 

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Motto ... 3 steps Ahead. LOGO meaning "Wisdom from God". Amen.

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Symbol of Ta Wa Ra     Pa Yar .......

Thone Par ... Ta Su Thee Thaw ... Pa Yar [ 3 in 1 God / Father, Son, Holy Spirit ]

Symbol (Christ) of Christianity. 
Baptism [Rebirth] & Buddhism [Reincarnation].
"White Cross" symbolized Purity, Innocence & Superiority. Also the Way, Truth & Life as Jesus / Yeshua declared when he walked on Earth. It is said & known that a PICTURE worth a Million words. Amenn.

Don't get me wrong. Similarities between "Baptism & Buddhism". 1]Both believe in Supernatural Spirits/Guardian Angels. 2]RE-Birth Baptist/Incarnation Buddhist. 3]Both seek Truth.

God Equation

China Owes to American People in Trillions

Pipe Dreams Destroyed

Donbas (region/war zone) taken back to normal

Finland Prepares

Strategic Kherson Russian Retreat. Kherson down Crimea will fall.


I've been telling I.S. is superior than A.I.
A.I. comes from Machines. I.S. comes from Mind...<I> 

Tracking 21st Century Genius E.M.

I 'worship' JesusChrist Eternal God.
I 'use' Money. There's a BIG difference.

RareSpecie <I> 10312022

NOT Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bhutanese BUT BURMESE. Totally different race, culture, language both in writing/speaking. 'Rare Specie' 0.0047% On Earth. 

DON'T take my word for it. Research, find out & Verify. You will see it's TRUE.

Terencelyn <I>


I'm demonstrating how one human (specie) can create variety of many styles. Imagination IS the essence of excellency.

I've got WISDOM from God/Jesus, EXPERIENCE from Long Life and KNOWLEDGE from University Education (degree holder). Whatelse more 'blessings' do I need?.

 Elaboration : In My EEE, I will create THE Waysworks [ Experimental Entity ] Section that does research.

[<I>] Whichever Way.

IS stands for ...
InSight or InnSite
Whichever Way 11032022

Restriction IS the enemy of Freedom
Human Specie IS Selected Specie by God

Geniius Slow Truth [<I>]

Everything MUST pass
Nothing IS permanent
*Law of Lynpray*
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2013 S65 AMG


Barn Find to Brilliant Restoration.
AMG S Series

Sloth [<I>] 11042022

"Born in Mars" Specie will Emerge.

23rdC Sloth [<I>]

I've got WISDOM from God/Jesus, EXPERIENCE from Long Life and KNOWLEDGE from University Education (degree holder). Whatelse more 'blessings' do I need?. 

Top Notch Spot


Elaboration : In My EEE, I will create THE Waysworks [ Experimental Entity ] Section that does research.

[<I>] Whichever Way.

IS stands for ...
InSight or InnSite
Whichever Way 11032022

Restriction IS the enemy of Freedom
Human Specie IS Selected Specie by God

Geniius Slow Truth [<I>]

Politics IS a propaganda agenda illumining misleading.

Everything MUST pass
Nothing IS permanent
*Law of Lynpray*

[<I>] 11032022


Astronomical Miracle Happens Tonight November 4th, 2022. It IS crystal clear Guardian Angels are protecting me once in Myanmar 2016 & now in 2022

AMG S55 Mercedes Flagship

2005 AMG S55

People ask what I do when I retire? Well pursuit for happiness which IS spending time with my baby AMG S55 Mercedes and renovate as a special unique & rare [ SUR ] car. Right now I owned free & clear only 1 but seeking to own 2 AMG at least.


ANGELS are present. Whatever you want to call it ... Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Spirits etc. I personally call them "Guardian Good Angels" [ GGA ] that God assigned to you personally. Believe it or not. YOU may not know or realize it but the Angels are stealthily present. Remember, what I had declared before not to take my word but Verify. My claim is Verifiable and it IS TRUE.
On November 4th, 2022 (Friday) I went to this OPENING at about 7:30pm (opens at 7pm opening day). I call it "Christmas Wonderland" *Celebration of Lights* in Sin City. It IS Gorgeous & Amazing, Strikingly Awesome Beautiful Colorful lights displayed. Ofcourse I took pictures & long (almost 6 minutes) video with my cell phone. I encourage the public to go there if you can for now it opens the gates at 5pm. This place and time where MIRACLE happens to me on that particular opening day. Will reveal later. Amen.

PAINITE [ Myanmar ] the 3rd (1st Anti-Matter substance & 2nd is in California, USA) most rarest & expensive gem stone in the world. Most of Burmese people are simple, sincerely honest and Rare Specie (0.0047% Global population) that the country they are living right now IS so rich in natural resources that neighbors like China, India, Thailand & Bangladesh takes advantage over them. The country is rich but the people are poor. WHY?. Because the Military Government that rules since 1962 to date in many forms put the people in a CAGE with brutal grip thus the people are caged birds that dwells in a small cage called Myanmar.......CAGED Burmese Birds. I wonder when will they be FREED? Another downsized is CAGED Burmese Birds living in a fairytale land believing STATUES made by human are Gods rejecting Jesus Christ, a fatal mistake for them. When will they see & believe the Eternal Truth?. The LIVING GOD. Amen.


How rare? 0.00000094% of world population. That is all Burmese Christians. All Burmese including Buddhists is 0.0047%.
Rarest of Rare [<I>] 11082022

 Whatever Whichever Whenever Wherever & Whyever [new word]... Wouldn't it be nice IF every American IS a Millionaire?
Whichever Way [<I>] 

SHARING Significant Synchronize Sightfulness Secrets 'Solitaire Sloth System' Signs Symbols Simulations Splendidly.
[<I>] Decision Day 11082022

There IS... Conventional Wisdom.
Unconventional Wisdom.
Exceptional Wisdom.
The 3rd comes from God.

Rarest of the Rare [<I>]

Parallel Paradox

You do your way, I do my way.

Health, Wealth & Happiness

SSS [<I>] 11092022


Preeminently Proceeds Philosophically

Rarest of Rare [<I>]

America ... Too much Politics
Burma ... Too much Buddhism

Sapphire my birthstone represents "purity in wisdom".

Rarest of Rare

The Rarest of the Rare Mogok Myanmar. Myanmar closed to the world for Centuries thus it is little known & understood. Actually Myanmar IS self sufficient country... [<I>]

How rare? 0.00000094% of world population. That is all Burmese Christians. All Burmese including Buddhists is 0.0047%.
Rarest of Rare [<I>] 11082022 

Decision Day

Whatever Whichever Whenever Wherever & Whyever [new word]... Wouldn't it be nice IF every American IS a Millionaire?
Whichever Way [<I>] 


9 Different Precious Gemstones Rings from MOGOK Burma/Myanmar. 2 Different Style [ Round & Square ]. Ruby in the middle.


To me Christmas December 25th is a Tradition to preserve & keep. My real belief on Jesus Birthday is September 23rd proven by Biblical AND Scientific Accounts. 

65% (2021) adults of US population are Christians. Protestant (Evangelical) BASE country in the world. 230 Million Christians including 141 Million Protestants in United States. Largest Protestants/Evangelicals Nation in the World. Number 1. America is God's country. WE the people will defend protect & preserve our Authentic Original Faith Believe and Tradition so help us God. Amen.
IT IS SAID the Conflict in Ukraine - Russo WAR is between Roman Catholics (Largest Christians sector) & Orthodox Christians. NOT Evangelicals/Protestants like Baptists.



Reminding China:
NEVER forget. China owes to United States [ American People ]. Sovereign Debt is multiplying in time with compound interest. This video was 2 yrs ago. On top of that INFLATION rated will be well over $2 Trillion at least.
My take: IF China don't pay, confiscates ALL Chinese Assets as compensation.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 8.


Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 5


Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 3.



Myanmar [ Native Country ]

Church where I was Baptized at age 12. Yangon City.

Maung Ma Gan Beach, Dawei City close to "Grandfather Rock Beach" Dawei Peninsular Inlet (I rank number 1 in the world). Picture taken early 1980s. Sea Pine Trees are blown (Background) by windy day low tide. The ONLY Beach (3 mile long) with row of Sea Pine Trees (in Burmese "Pin Laire Ga Bee" trees) in the ENTIRE country. Also RIVAL to World Number 1 spot Beautiful Beach "White Haven Beach" Queensland Australia is  "Grandfather Rock Beach" located at Dawei Peninsular INLET Beach is actually superior than White Haven because of land, air & sea access where else White Haven Beach can only be accessible by Sea Boats & Air only.

FOODS [ Myanmar Cuisine ]


YE town, Myanmar. Although Ye is close to Da Wei City Capital of Tanintharyi Region Southern most tip of Myanmar where I was born [ My father was a judge during British Burma he was assigned rotation assignment ] Ye belongs to MON state where Indian Buddhism missionaries spread Buddhism through MON Kingdom/State. Buddhism spread to Burma through both North [ Tibeto-Burman ] & South [ MON Kingdom ] thus Burmese Kingdoms win wars over other Kingdoms including MON & THAI Kingdoms in the ancient past taking the religion & culture with them. Before & After Buddhism, Burmese mostly worshipped NATS [ Spiritual Deities & Animalism ]. Some still worship NATS to this day.

Wakema Ayeyarwady Delta town. My mom used to say much about this Delta town.  Densely forested greenery with Delta streams not too deep, not too wide. This DELTA can be seen from SPACE. Myanmar's largest DELTA. Nature's best contribution in natural Myanmar environment AS IS. This DELTA area was once RICE BOWL of Asia.

This is the picture of me taken at Maung Ma Gan Beach, Da Wei town, Myanmar in 1980. The trees are the hallmark that is unique only beach in Myanmar. This picture the tide is low & windy day. 12272022. The unique trees on the beach stands out from other beaches. 

1st AUTHENTIC picture of me was when young and attracted to females living a "carefree life" in Burma in the 1970s taken at the coast of Thanintharyi facing the Andaman Sea where the pilgrims of Buddhism from India landed converting the MON race/kingdom (South) and spread to the Burmese race/kingdom (Central). It was windy on the beach that day when the picture was taken. Can see the trees bending and my hair blowing in the wind.
2nd picture is the Big Bang Burst of the Beginning of our Universe (demonstration purpose) from NOTHING as claimed by Scientists...12192022

Maung Ma Gan Beach, Da Wei City, Myanmar.
In this video there's a scenery where I took myself in black & white picture in 1980. In the video starting from 5:30 can notice the tall trees along side the long beach is the unique only beach in Myanmar with this kind of tall trees. 8:31/8:36 is the exact spot my girlfriend took the picture of me 42 years ago. The only beach with tall trees named in Burmese as Sea Ga Bee Trees or  Sea Pine Trees. Also world ranking number 1 "Grandfather Rock Beach" is located close by @ Dawei Peninsula Inlet. After Australia [ Queensland ] Whitehaven Inlet Beach ( # 2 ). Both are stunning Gorgeous Beaches but Grandfather Rock Beach has easier access through land trip by the Peninsula while Whitehaven is only accessible by Air (helicopter) & Sea (Boats). No land access.

Myanmar rare & unique strange unknown places. Singapore copy Yangon City underground tunnels. When Rangoon Burma was the Star of Asia she inspired many Asian Countries including Singapore. Britain has the blueprint map of these tunnels and offer to sell it to Burmese Military Government for $1 Million.

Dawei Peninsula Inlet, Grandfather Rock Inlet Beach. Rival to Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia rated Number 1 most Beautiful Beach in the World. Located in Tanintharyi Region (my birthplace), Southern Tip Myanmar.


Burmese cuisine Burmese culture decoration modern luxury hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. Location is great. Kabar Aye District which in the mid section between Mingalardon International Airport & Downtown.


Myanmar Warrior Ancient Historical "Thu Yea Gyi" Flag

Understanding Myanmar :-:
Myanmar will never EVER have "Permanent Peace and Prosperity" as long as Myanmar is a "Vassal State of Communist China" either Dictatorship or Democratic Nation, Military Government or Civilian Government, Elected or Non Elected. Period !!!.
Hermitt or Phoenixix   03242023.
Ancient Historical Flag of "Myanmar Warriors" fight against Mongols & Chinese.
Ancient Myanmars/Burmese called it "Thu Yeah Gyi" (Pronounce, To Yea Gee) Flag in Burmese, meaning "Courageous" Flag in English. All surrounding 7 different small colors have meanings and the middle big GOLD color too.

China is accountable for $25 Trillion and counting for their spreading intentionally or unintentionally of COVID - 19 to USA. alone.

Chinese Invasion is blatant in Burma/Myanmar. Insulting the Myanmar Peoples' wish by distorting the building of Federal Democracy by 100% interfering brazenly as the Chinese wish is unacceptable Professor Dr. Tun Myint said in the interview. China is creating civil war by encouraging Myanmars to kill each other supplying arms money and fanning chaos inside Myanmar BOLDLY & Brazenly.

Myanmar Blood & Bravery is recorded through History. Siding with the Ka Lah is foolish and cowardice. My sincere HONEST advice >>> Do not be a slave or vassal to KA LAH or TA YOKE (Evil & Wicked) forever permanently no matter what !!!.
Hermitt   Phoenixix Dated March 24th, 2023.

Christian Nagaland

Simple Beautiful Christian Nagaland located BOTH in Myanmar & India.



Awesome Ancient Antique Bagan Kingdom

MYANMAR ... Hermit like Nature Nation in the mist of 21st Century. This Antique Ancient Kingdom during the time of Mongols still stands today 21st Century situates/located along the Banks of Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar # 1 PRIVATE RIVER that runs from snow capped Mountains of Northern tip all the way to South into the Andaman Sea, creating a VAST DELTA once the Rice Bowl of Asia Continent a site that can be seen from space.
@ @ @ @ @ @ @
This is Ancient Bagan Kingdom near Mandalay City, Republic of the Union of Myanmar...RUM for short. Myanmar is so rich in Ancient Heritage & Culture that dates back hundreds of years BEFORE Christ. Now this Antique & Ancient place is World Heritage Site, a treasure for World Community. Amenn.
Unlike any place in the World as British famous author Roger Kipling once wrote in his book "The Road to Mandalay" [The Name "Mandalay" even spread to Las Vegas City, Nevada State, USA]. This remnant of Ancient Myanmar Kingdom still stands today because Myanmar "Secluded Closed Enclave" Nature of living by herself with little support or access to the outside International world. This Kingdom was in the time of Mongols Era founded by King Anawratha where it is said 10,000 Temples & Stupas stand but now time and earthquakes had dwindled down to 2,200 Artifacts left standing at Central Region of Myanmar. In fact Mongols invaded Myanmar and ransacked Bagan BUT now Mongol Kingdom was no more but MYANMAR still stands to this day. It shows the compelling RESILIENCE of Myanmar in nature and in courage............
Phoenixix 03252023

Buddhists & Christians are both searching for the TRUTH.
Bodh Gaya. Buddha claims to found the Truth >>> The Enlightenment. Did you know discrimination is AGAINST Buddha's teachings?. Buddhists practicing discrimination is against Buddhism & Buddha himself. Let Christianity flourish just like Buddhism in Myanmar. Buddhists should be honest and truthfully faithful followers of Buddha. Not killing & discrimination which disgrace Buddha. Not just chanting Scriptures but acting accordingly to Buddha's teachings.
Buddhism has Scriptures so are WE Christians too have Scriptures. Let us build Churches just like Buddhists built Pagodas. What's wrong with that?. Aren't Buddhists & Christians are HUMANS?. Living sharing caring is Goodwill & Good deeds too. Buddha likes that. Buddha never teaches bad habits and practices. Buddha teaches to get away from human sufferings while Buddhists commit crimes of human suffering is totally opposite of Buddha's teachings.

Understanding Buddha. Looking into the Prime Principles of Buddha's Teachings with OPEN mind...........Hermitt.
The 1st question that comes into my mind is why is INDIA a Hindu Nation despite the origins and flourishes of Buddha & Buddhism?. Why?.
Buddha has disciples so is Jesus / Yeshua. Most of Jesus disciples have violent deaths. Why?. The only sure disciple that died of natural death is St. John who wrote the Book of Revelation ( my favorite because massive intelligence & coded wisdom is included). Why did some countries block or banned the Bible?. Including Myanmar.  Why?. What are they afraid of the Bible?. Are they afraid of spreading of Christianity? Or people finding the Truth?. Christian Truth & Buddhist Truth are 2 different identities. Did you know?.
Concerning with Religions so many questions many unexplained or without answers. Or just plain discrimination?. Only Buddhism is correct or encourage while Christianity is not. Why is American Genius Reverend Adoniram Judson was ignore?. His only mission is to teach the Gospels of Jesus / Yeshua, just like Indian missionaries who convert Mon, Shan Arakan & Burmese Kings & Queens. Why is double standard applied?. Baptist Reverend Adoniram Judson give his and his family life for Yeshua in Burma/Myanmar. That's the fact. Why cruel to one side and embrace the other?. Why is hatred to one and loving kindness to other?. Jesus was crucified on the Cross with other 2 Criminals yet Jesus himself is innocent and not a criminal. Even Roman Empire emperor or judge who sentenced Jesus to death ADMIT jesus is innocent and the Roman Judge tried to AVOID sentencing Jesus asking the Jews if they prefer to let go free Jesus in place of criminal Barabbas?.

Phoenixix Perception Procedures. 
Understanding Myanmar. Finding Researching the ROOTS of Buddhism Originated and Spread throughout Asia and beyond. Originated in India and Indian Kings' missionaries [ Buddha himself was an Indian Prince ] towards South East Asia, including Myanmar to convert into Buddhism was done converting first Myanmar Kings thus it is no surprise Myanmar becomes a Buddhist Nation. "Recorded History" tell us about the PAST. Never about the FUTURE for FUTURE is in OUR hands to plan play & platform into promising prosperity. We must do it Scientifically with Real facts, truthfully, honestly, sincerely unlocking the shackles of distant past that is NOT relevant this 21st Century & beyond for success & development relies on intelligent ways & means. Amenn.
Understanding Terencelyn / ThaneToeLyn
Note: Please, DON'T misunderstand me. 
I'm not here to burn the Buddhist Scriptures but to preserve them. I'm not here to disrespect Buddhism but Reserve for future Generations to study and learn. I'm not here to destroy Buddhism but to protect the beauty of it. I'm here to seek for the TRUTH, nothing but the *Whole & Complete Truth* for the TRUTH is Eternal. Even TIME is not relevant with The Truth. Amenn After Amenn.

Remember the "White Cross"?..... Superiority.

According to Qur'an 1,400 years Muslim misconception. Muslim scholar point out how Muslims believe the wrongful Imagination that Jesus wasn't crucified and not risen. Scholar said the opposite happened according to the Qur'an [Muslim Holy Book] that Jesus was crucified and was risen.

Burmese student (me) life in Yangon, Burma (1970s). 
0.0005 dollar (1 Kyat) a day for Food & Bus fare (back & forth 2 way, 1 way fare is 25pyas). 1Kyat = 100pyas. Burmese money.
Burmese student life in New York City showing how he spent $10 a day on attending class and food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with $10 a day just for food only.
Well I break his record because in Yangon while attending University my mom gives me 1 Kyat per day for transport (bus 2 way fees 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1 Kyat = 100 pyas) and for food at University Canteen 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1Kyat. That was in 1970s. Now USD $1 = 2,000 Kyats so you do the math? $1 ÷ 2,000 = 0.0005 dollar a day record spending attending classes plus bus fare & food. Should be the record of Genius indeed. Now Myanmar don't use pyas anymore. Only Kyat. Myanmar Inflation is sky rocketed. 
That's how I manage to spent a day on food & bus fee from our house to University 2 ways and attend Rangoon Arts & Science University now renamed University of Yangon, Myanmar.

M y a n m a r

The Only Hermit Nation Of Planet Earth

What is the Truth?
One of the facts to find the TRUTH one must dig to the ROOT.

Hermitt / Phoenixix

The World should thank King Anawratha for building the World Heritage Site for World Community to Enjoy!.

Phoenixix. 03252023

Is Jesus Issa?. The Unknown Years of Jesus

In the name of Holy Spirit I proceed with OPEN mind. 
Symbol of Superiority ( White cross ).
We have Muslim Scholar Pinpointing Jesus Crucifixion and Risen from dead according to Qur'an and now the Buddhist Scrolls manuscripts in PALI in Tibet following Jesus as Issa.
Christ Centered Christianity. John the Baptist waited for Jesus to Baptized Jesus as the symbol of Re-birth. The unknown years of Jesus 13 - 29 years. Did Jesus unknown years is the travel to India Tibet & Persia? The teachings of Jesus had been written and found in the ancient manuscripts of India & Tibet. Buddhists worship ISSA teachings. What astonishing is it was written in PALI language where Buddhism was founded and recorded. Watch the Controversial Video start to end.
Phoenixix   03252023


USD [$] can NIX
any RIVAL monetary @ ease.

Cursecode 04142023

The longest civil war on Earth. 

suck my tongue said Buddhist Monk.

Jesus is Jew YET he cares for all. Just as Jesus leaves PRINTS on Earth just like HIS father, also leaves PRINTS in the Universe, one of God's Creation. Amen. There's no other religion than Christianity created by Jesus Christ, the SON of God, the SPIRIT of God & is the God HIMSELF who performs MIRACLES. Miracles ONLY God CAN perform. Even Google acknowledged there are 37 KNOWN miracles performed by Jesus. I strongly BELIEVE there are more than 37 (Power to do Miracle can be given by God too). A lot more that we don't know. Not YET. Science will reveal as we advance further. Amenn. Jesus always give choice to choose for your own good. It's all up to the individual to accept or reject. Jesus makes it so convenient & easy for us Earthlings for he knows LIFE on Earth is cruel brutal & full of hate & sufferings. He took all the sufferings for us so that we have a PURPOSE in life. The only HOPE for humankind. Amenn.

Portugal Expulsion of Muslims. 
My biological father's side Ancestry of great great grand father has Portuguese Blood or Heritage rooted in Mon/Tenasserim (Tanintharyi) Coastal Region, Myanmar. I'm PROUD of Portugal.!!! It's in the BLOOD. My # 1 is Portugal  # 2 is Greece  # 3 is Uruguay. 



White house responds to Chinese aggression


Science endorse the Bible and allows the existence of GOD.

Birth of the Universe

NASA reveals



ConscriptCocoonCosmos 12212023

ConscriptCocoonCosmos       Logo/Emblem.

LIST of Countries & Leaders responsible for deaths of innocent Burmese & other ethnic people in Myan Mar directly or indirectly. 
1) Red China ( Ta Yoke Nee )
2) Russia
3) Some ASEAN members 
4) Coup Council...... So far.

2 positive achievement in Sweet December. 1) US & Finland Security Pact 2) Blue Marine Foundation approved by over 100 Nations in UN..... 12212023 

Tell/Show me one thing that makes Ta Yoke Nee (Red China) a Real "World Super Power" Status Nation. Just one ?. 3 gorge dam? Skyscrapers? Wuhan virus? Broken BRI ? Many fishing boats?. One or two small low tech aircraft Carriers Navy? Useless Great Wall? . etc. C'mon show & prove & convince me one. Just one. 

Deranged Lunatics said they can't stand Liars. Well here's a dose of medication. If you can't STAND then SIT down and SHUT the fOck up !.. 12212023. CocoonCosmos 

IF Coup Council truly wants to solve by Negotiations. Here's my thought. BEFORE any negotiations, 2 things MUST be done. Cancel 2008 Constitution & restore genuine Federal Democracy by releasing all political opponents. CocoonCosmos. 

Ta Yoke Nee (Red China) plays "peace maker" in Myanmar by funneling arms & support to both warring sides, responsible for deaths on both sides. Peacemaker my foot. 12212023. CocoonCosmos.