Resurrection & Redemption

The word Messiah (King of Jews) led to the Crucifixion (by Romans) of Yeshua/Jesus. Who IS responsible?. Anyway God/Yahweh had a purpose led to Christianity.

Meaning of Messiah. [ English Dictionary ]. NOT mine.
1) The expected King and deliverer of the Jews
2) A professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause.
My [ Gentile ] Faith & Belief  .... Jesus [English]/Yeshua [Jewish ] is God or Son of God [ Father & Son ] same Blood DNA.
NOTE ... New Testament [ Whole Bible ]. DEFENDING Christianity Equal Rights UNDER GOD [Eternal Entity] 23rd Century Edition.
Dated November 23rd, 2022.


Christ comes AFTER Jesus. Christianity deprive from Christ the Redeemer. Jesus is Jew. Therefore Christianity is Gentile & Jewish.........$lowtruth.

IN LIFE ... Born with NOTHING, Die with NOTHING as Earthling BUT ... Jesus Christ and ONLY LIVING Jesus Christ gives us HOPE, LOVE & Eternal Peaceful Permanent Ever Lasting LIFE in HEAVEN (His Exclusive Elusive Eternal Estate / Kingdom). Amen.
By the way HIS (Baby Jesus) BIRTHDAY is coming up !!!! a little over 2 weeks away. Those who have eyes, ears, nose & mouth that wants to ignore or despise, so be it. Nobody forcing you. Your choice. We will Proceed & Overcome by the truth of true God. Amen After Amen.
Picture is My 20 Acres Ranch Vacant land in the HEART of California State, USA which I nicknamed "Circle Reserve" sell off in 2021. Can Verify.

Real Estate for Real ......................... $lowtruth.
Brand Swanking New House & Car. In California State. This IS how I roll in the past. NOTHING is permanent. EVERYTHING must pass.
This is what I call "Ground Up from Scratch". I pick and purchase vacant land a corner lot on elevated higher land and built a brand new house choosing the design flooring and model, size, and color of my liking. This house was in Southern California near Palm Springs. I also bought a brand new car a Toyota Camry/White color (in the picture). The country America face the Great Recession in 2008 and pulled me down with it. I lost EVERYTHING. I had to file Chapter 7 and started back again. Can verify. I used to visit this getaway 3 bedroom 2 car garage new house build in early 2006 which I visit twice a month from Las Vegas. Amen!. In the picture, the house was still building and not finished yet. Can Verify. By the way, I love & cherish my new THIS house street address ... "Bald Eagle Lane" is the street name address. Can Verify.

God is Great
Glacier is Real
Rainbow is Delusional
$lowtruth is Endless 12082022 

One of my favorite color. Greenland Great Gorgeous Glacier Color. How do you call this natural color of Glacier. Turquoise? Nope. Sky blue? Nope. Well I call it plain simple & natural "Glacier Color"...........Eye Cool Glacier Color [ Real Tangible Natural Color ]. Love this more than Eye Sour "Rainbow Color" [ delusional / not real / fake color ]. Rainbow looks real but it's not. Just a Spectrum of colors splitting from the light ray through rain drops (prism). It looks there/real but its not. Delusional is the right word for Rainbow...............Endless $low Truth.

Khunn Sint Nay Chi [ Burmese Girl ] in New York City in America. The Biggest City in America but ......I don't like it (visit only once and never go back to this day). The Twin Tower was there when I visited. It is over crowded and so politicize City. Not my type. Sorry. This particular Burmese or Myanmar Girl has potential. My instinct tells me. Hope she is Christian (Burmese are mostly Buddhists/Buddhism imported from India where Buddha was born) who believes in True Eternal Only  Living God.


There IS no guarantee in life except .......
Jesus Christ

Slow Truth [Terencelyn]

TIME changes Everything from Riches to Rags.

Jesus true birth month


TRUTH/SINCERITY living in a FAKE/FALSE world IS kinda hard.

$lowTruth. 12172022


TO ME ... JOINT CHAMPIONS for there is NO 2nd place in THIS FIFA World Cup 2022. ONLY 3 - 3 / 120 mins 'joint' Champions. Especially FINAL Game. Decision by penalty shoot out is just pure luck. Need to change the SYSTEM. My Thought.
ICONIC picture of FIFA World Cup 2022. At least My Favorite Number 1 Picture of KM10 fit for ONE of The Football SuperStars of Our Time. Amazingly Awesome Performance Creating Extraordinary World Cup FINAL ever!. The best QUALITY game played by BOTH Argentina AND France. I thank BOTH Teams for the BEST 120 mins FINAL game I've EVER seen in my LIFE. For me "BOTH Teams are CHAMPIONS" of FIFA World Cup 2022. Should give 1 Gold Trophy for each Team. I don't like PENALTY shoot out System. WORLD can afford  2 Trophies just in case OR hold joint ownership 2 years each team.
NOT fair by penalty goals decision. It really hurt the OTHER Brilliant Team unfairly........
$loth $ystem... 12202022.

YOU cannot understand the OPEN Book/Bible with a CLOSED mind & thinking........

$loth $ystem [ Thein Toe Lyn ] 12192022

1st AUTHENTIC picture of me was when young and attracted to females living a "carefree life" in Burma in the 1970s taken at the coast of Thanintharyi facing the Andaman Sea where the pilgrims of Buddhism from India landed converting the MON race/kingdom (South) and spread to the Burmese race/kingdom (Central). It was windy on the beach that day when the picture was taken. Can see the trees bending and my hair blowing in the wind.
2nd picture is the Big Bang Burst of the Beginning of our Universe (demonstration purpose) from NOTHING as claimed by Scientists...12192022


The BEST World Championship Game Ever on Planet Earth. 2022 FIFA World Cup Argentina vs. France. 2 Quality Teams compete for 120 mins with 3 - 3 end draw. Argentina wins with penalty goal kick. My thought? Both Teams are Champions. Both Countries had twice win Championship games in the past. Now Argentina got 3 times win.



Believe in Truth
Believe in Lie
Cannot have Both
$loth $ystem 12232022

Burmese icons

Haipa Falls

Travel in Myanmar

The Real Mandalay

Ukraine President

Whitest States

12242022 [ Christmas Eve ]

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas Eve, Christmas & A Happy New Year 2023. Hallelujah!!!. 

The meaning of JESUS.
J = Joy E = Eternal S = Savior U = Ultimate S = Splendor.

Slow Truth (Sloth) 12242022


Dual Job [like dual citizenship/passport]. President (1) & Speaker (3). Possible?......After all, he's 3rd in line anyway.
Creativity Innovator

Why is Earth has abundance of life and surrounding planets including many moons have none?. Why?. Think!.


I need Only One Country to live... United States. No need like a monkey jumping one country to another. Especially non Christian Countries.
Uwesome 07202023 

Unique Utah

My # 1 of my top 3 favorite States in US... UNIQUE UTAH in 12K. God [ Yahweh ] brought me here USA to see in person the Ultimate Uwesome UTAH. Thank you God. Amenn. *State where Gambling is illegal*. Number 1 State of United States. God Blessed with Natural Beauty. 
Uwesome ... 07202023


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