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02 11 2024

L Y N Y L   

02 11 2024

We all know there are many names for God. Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah etc. Earthling calls "EternalEntity".

For me today IS the 1st Day of Christmas Season which ends on January 2nd. [Thanksgiving day to January 2nd]. Every Year. I always celebrate like this. My Norm. Will start putting LIGHTS and Decorate my house garden both front & back. Amen.

11242022 Thanksgiving Day

Amen. LORD Thank you for Everything you have DONE. Credit to NAN.& Tuanboi
Such a wonderful sweet song. Nan Thin Aye. You are Wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you baby. JESUS is the Answer the Solution the Truth the Way & the Life. No doubt about it.

10,000 Reasons


Slow Truth Coming. Transparency IS Key. ALL those who are responsible will face serious CONSEQUENCES. They're having "free pass" for some time now. Amen VIM - 1.
Birdie Num Num.

Finally serious strikes occurred inside Russia. There is no such thing as one side can attack all they want & the other side had limited Strikes WAR. Never seen nor heard of this kind of Ukraine Russia war or any war. Now true defensive strikes occurred DEEP inside Russia to give back their own strategy. Ukraine can do so. War is War.


TRUE color of Earth. Earth never had Rainbow color. Ever !. Rainbow is self delusional Mirage. Earth is Real.
Actually according to this shot from space with latest modern technology, close up of Earth color is NOT blue. It is Bright Turquoise, White clouds & Light Reddish landmass. Earthlings Beautiful Home where LIFE supportive Air, Water & Energy are Abundance. Thank You LORD of Lords, KING of Kings, PROPHET of Prophets. Amen.

Be Truthful, Transparent & Trust in Jesus Christ. YOU will never go wrong. Amen.

Sloth System.

Revealing the 'Whole Truth' is not a Sin nor a Crime. Jealous Racists & Corrupt people never liked me and try to trash me, insult me & used every nook in their book. HELPING a young pretty white single mother with 2 kids, jobless, helpless, cashless, uneducated & a messy lifestyle WITH loving kindness is NOT a criminal conduct. Can Verify. Amen.............VIM - 2 [ LLC ].
Dated December 9th, 2022.

Christ comes AFTER Jesus. Christianity deprive from Christ the Redeemer. Jesus is Jew. Therefore Christianity is Gentile & Jewish.........$lowtruth 

God is Great
Glacier is Real
Rainbow is Delusional
$lowtruth is Endless 12082022


My humble suggestion. CR7 should come to USA and lead/coach/train young American players take the team to 2026 FIFA World Cup & make USA national team (selected by CR7) 2026 Champion. Case Closed. Forget about Quarter or Qater or Qatar thing. A thing of the past. FORGET ABOUT IT.

Small but Significant:-:
Did you know Portugal although small in size was LOCATED in the perfect spot facing North America Continent across the Atlantic Ocean especially United States?. Flying to Portugal from East Coast USA can be the 'shortest route' to Europe saving time, space & money....... Strategic location location & location.

According to the Bible.
True Jesus Birth Month IS September, same month with me. Amen. Dated December 12th, 2022 [ 12122022 ]....... Slow Truth [ Sloth ]. Can Verify. Amen After Amen.

Today is ...
Refreshing my devotion to Jesus Christ. He died for me, I live for him...
He holds my future. Amen.

I know who holds my future... Jesus Christ. Amen

Terencelyn 12112022

Crime scene Company ( VIM-1 / BNN ). Same like VIM-2 (LLC). I agree with Elon Musk. Go public Go (Transparency) EM.

I told you. He is a 'Natural Gifted Player' that so sincere, genuinely comes from his heart & head (Brain). His precise Timing & Decision to execute the Ball is amazing. He IS the "Best of Bests" Footballer in a Century. Quarter/Qater 2022 will fade away [ already 2023 is waiting next month ] in no time but CR7 stays. True Legend stays on for endless time. Many clubs & memorabilia of CR7 will emerge everywhere around the world for he IS the world champion in football LOVED by many but hated by few. It is WHAT it is.
Dated 12/12/2022.


Cannot destroy a DREAM. Dreams are incredible inevitable indestructible. God created dreams for humans. Ofcourse good & evil is everywhere. It depends. 


My Name both English (Terencelyn) & Burmese (TheinToe) symbols are Eagle/Money (Thein) Pushy/Pressure/Proceed (Toe) Light/Sun/Star (Lyn) Born in September, Jesus True Birth Month. Together... Thein Toe Lyn. 

TOE the Tiger [ Golden Yellow Striker ]. THEIN the Eagle [ Freedom Soaring Flyer ] LYN [ Sun the Energy/Strength/Light giver ]. Amen.
Worthy Credit to SAY LAY & Kyaw Naing Tun.
Translation from Burmese to English by THEIN TOE (My Burmese Name). THEIN means Eagle & TOE means Additional or Plus or Pushy.
Sentences translation line by line.
1) The Hallmark you are alone is the Trademark  of Courage.
2) Tiger always hunt alone
3)  Eagle always fly alone
4)  Sun always shine alone
5) But they all are .....
6) Very Powerful
7) They are alone as a sign of powerful STRENGTH hallmark.
End Translation..........Thein Toe @ Terencelyn in Transparency & Truth. Amen After Amen.
Dated December 16th, 2022.
Are EARTHLINGS alone too?........
Thein Toe Lyn.

Earthlings Eternal Exclusive Elusive Entity.
Thank You Jesus Christ for the 'Good Memories' THOU had created EXCLUSIVELY for ME for I'm STILL living ENJOYING life ( now My Lord's Birth Month ) the life that THOU created despite surrounded by EVILNESS. Without Jesus help, this will not be possible. Life is cruel on Earth in these turbulent days. No wonder Earthlings are looking for new real estate like Moon or Mars for example for gone IS those innocent ERA of Garden of Eden (Adam & Eve). Thou 'initial creation' for Earthlings. 
I was once a Millionaire but America takes me down TWICE, once in 2008 (recession) & another in 2020 (pandemic/I call it Wuhan Virus Initial). NOT my fault or doing. Anyway I thank Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity/experience (where $2,000 is like $2 for me) to live like a Millionaire at least 'once' in my lifetime for My Capital is only $10 ( Tacoma International Airport, Washington State ) when I started new life in America coming from Buddhism ( majority ) Burma .......
$low Truth [ $loth ] also known as TOE missile [ shoot down & eliminate evil doers with the help from God/Eternal Exclusive ]. Dated December 15th, 2022. Amen. Hallelujah!.

Thein Toe @ Terence Lyn in Burma/Myanmar with close friends having lunch together during visit in Yangon, Myanmar (Native Country).

THEY make laws to THEIR liking/benefit and IMPOSE on others.

$lowTruth... 12152022



Influence & Control are COMMON enemy of Democratic Values.

Did you know the LAST Burmese King from Mandalay Palace was buried in India?. Strange it may seem but TRUE. Indian influence starts with Buddhism ( Buddha was an Indian Prince from India ) where Indian Missionaries landed at Tanintharyi Coast by Andaman Sea at MON race Kingdom converting them FIRST into Buddhism spreading throughout Burma/ Burmese (Kingdom) Race. Indian foods, clothing & culture, even buildings architecture into Burmese society creating Burma as a Buddhist Control Kingdoms Generation AFTER Generation. This particular country stood still where TIME itself IS not relevant anymore. WE as Earthlings are moving into 2023 / 21st Century YET Burma is still locked down to 18th, 19th Century mentality or Mindset hindering the POTENTIAL richness & modern prowess that lagged behind NOT because of poor natural resources or geopolitical Strategic status but by "Closed Mindset / Near Sightfulness" that refuses to accept father TIME Movement where CHANGE is inevitable & eventually happened. Now China is doing what India had done to Burma, People only see what the BRITISH & JAPANESE had done in the past because it is "openly brazen" events in past wars. People didn't see much what INDIA & CHINA are doing to Burma because these 2 Giant neighboring countries are taking ADVANTAGE on their proximity geological positions they are doing STEALTHILY therefore people don't see it.
Dated 12222022

USA Debt is climbing high

The REALITY of Myanmar. Current Era. 
My Take starting 2023? Changing Myanmar for Best (Asian Tiger AGAIN). With 2 Official language Myanmar/English leaving but learning the PAST I will proceed in CHANGING the Constitution by abolishing ALL previous political parties including NLD creating TRI Eventual Government [ TEG ] where there will be no more President & 2 Vice Presidents of current constitution of Myanmar and transform into 3 Cohesive SECTORS of Governing Modern Myanmar. The Country name will be known as 1 word ... MYANMAR. The 3 Governing EQUAL power SECTORS will be   1] Civilian Sector 2] Military Sector and finally 3) Exclusive Sector. These 3 powerful SECTORS of MYANMAR will Govern with JUST, FAIR & Appropriate Governing to all States & Regions of MYANMAR. Especially in Military Sector which is in the PAST ruled Burma for so long, NEW Generals of Christianity faith will be form together with Buddhists Generals counter parts. Civilian Sector will have Representatives from EACH State & Region of MYANMAR. Exclusive Sector will have highly educated skillful experience Techs, Philosophers, Engineers, Investors, Think Tanks etc. TEG will govern as "Federal Central Committee" that rotates a group of selected persons from 3 sectors every 5 years. 

Fingerprint of Federal Myanmar [ FM ].

Evil will NOT stand in the Way of Freedom. 
Ukraine will win with the backing from United States. ABSOLUTELY. Ukraine loved President confirm "Merry Christmas & Happy Victorious New Year 2023". Amen.


Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 8.


Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 5


Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 3.


Protect AND Defend our Authentic Traditions. With JESUS Everything IS possible. Amen.

$85 Billion lost in 2022. Even GENIUS lose substantially in America. Shocking. Me [ Geniius ] lost (drive by robbery) gold necklace & pendant bought from Myanmar visit 2016. Peanut compare to $85Billion. What will we name 2022 as Year of ..... ??

Eventually Righteousness Arrived

Protected AND Insured by ...
Jesus Christ
December 25th, 2022

Good Gorgeous Girl

Whitest States


I Believe in The Creator. Not the Creation.
The SEARCH is over for me.
Honestly AND Truthfully Speaking, I'm WEAK or LACK in Holy Bible Knowledge like Scholars. The WISDOM I get is from Natural Instinct Intelligence [ NII ] like a FREElance writer with unusual thoughts & mind of me given by my Eternal Creator. Amen.
My favorite writer of the entire Bible, both Old & New Testaments IS ... St. John who wrote the Book of Revelation. Amen After Amen.
I will leave the Bible as ... AS IS   as it meant to be. An OPEN Book for OPEN Minds. Never try to 'decode' what is as is. Never tries to 'search' for THE TRUTH for I did 'found' the TRUTH in Jesus Christ. He had shown the Way, Truth & Life during his innocent, brief & humble stay [ 33 yrs ] on Planet Earth. NEVER spoke 1 high flown WORD nor live richly with worldly HIGHEND toys.

Buddhism Originated from INDIA. Documentary
Buddha, the enlighten one was a teacher messenger. NOT God. Buddha DIES while searching for the TRUTH. He attain great knowledge but cannot OVERCOME death, succumb to death. Many high priests/monks practice very hard like Bodhgaya to become FUTURE Buddhas (Enlightenment ones).
Same with great scientist Genius Professor Albert Einstein who died while searching for the TRUTH. THEY all are "Human Specie" a CREATION. NOT CREATOR.

Buddha [Buddhism Teacher/Messenger] Birthplace in Western NEPAL Lumbini. Burma/Burmese claims 90% Buddhists country BUT I factually believe it is a UNION country where 135 ethnic groups including Burmese (60%) resides coherently together in this natural beautiful country WITH mostly Christians in Kachin, Chin, Kayah, Karen & Bamar/Burmese major races of Myanmar. We the Christians of Myanmar want EQUALITY in FAITH, Fairness of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar starting 2023. In ETERNAL God's name, Amen.

YE town, Myanmar. Although Ye is close to Da Wei City Capital of Tanintharyi Region Southern most tip of Myanmar where I was born [ My father was a judge during British Burma he was assigned rotation assignment ] Ye belongs to MON state where Indian Buddhism missionaries spread Buddhism through MON Kingdom/State. Buddhism spread to Burma through both North [ Tibeto-Burman ] & South [ MON Kingdom ] thus Burmese Kingdoms win wars over other Kingdoms including MON & THAI Kingdoms in the ancient past taking the religion & culture with them. Before & After Buddhism, Burmese mostly worshipped NATS [ Spiritual Deities & Animalism ]. Some still worship NATS to this day.

Dawei Foods

This is the picture of me taken at Maung Ma Gan Beach, Da Wei town, Myanmar in 1980. The trees are the hallmark that is unique only beach in Myanmar. This picture the tide is low & windy day. 12272022. The unique trees on the beach stands out from other beaches.

Maung Ma Gan Beach, Da Wei City, Myanmar.
In this video there's a scenery where I took myself in black & white picture in 1980. In the video starting from 5:30 can notice the tall trees along side the long beach is the unique only beach in Myanmar with this kind of tall trees. 8:31/8:36 is the exact spot my girlfriend took the picture of me 42 years ago. The only beach with tall trees named in Burmese as Sea Ga Bee Trees or  Sea Pine Trees. Also world ranking number 1 "Grandfather Rock Beach" is located close by @ Dawei Peninsula Inlet. After Australia [ Queensland ] Whitehaven Inlet Beach ( # 2 ). Both are stunning Gorgeous Beaches but Grandfather Rock Beach has easier access through land trip by the Peninsula while Whitehaven is only accessible by Air (helicopter) & Sea (Boats). No land access.

Can you handle THE TRUTH?.
IF published my life experiences (both Burma/Myanmar & United States) BOOK, it will be Real Authentic Genuine True Verifiable & Sincere disclosure of what REALLY happened that comes from the HEART & BRAIN. NOT a story or fairytale make believe Rainbow Mirage. True Event where MANY will not, does not like nor can handle THE TRUTH ... nothing but the Whole Naked & Natural Truth. Amen.
Did you know many videos in these days can be a feign rather than truth? Or pictures can be photo shop as cosmetic (not true) pose/edit picture or image?. Or manufactured?.

My Eve


GOD never DIE. God is NOT a specie (creation), therefore not a subject to death which species are.

For me no need to find Truth. I found the Truth for Jesus Christ said he IS the way, truth & life. He died 1st Resurrected 2nd now Alive (life) 3rd. 

Resurrection is conquering death.
Reincarnation is soul enters into another form of specie.

$loth ...

Resurrection [ Christianity ]
Reincarnation [ Buddhism ]
are 2 different things... 

Resurrection is conquering death. Reincarnation is soul enters into another form of specie. That's why in Buddhism they have the WHEEL of Circulation where souls enter into another form of specie again and again never ending the Cycle.
The Cross represent the Crucifixion of Jesus who face death & resurrected on the 3rd day CONQUERING death. Christianity symbol is "Conquering Death".

02 11 2024

SCOTUS Unite over Colorado State Ban on Ballot.... 
# A state cannot decide "Federal Criteria".
# States can't apply "Insurrection" case.
02 11 2024
Riot Remedy CCE

"Riot Remedy" Rock.

The Chosen. The Call. The Clues. Amen.
02 11 2024
MazeBrain [ MEE / CCE ].

9 Clues for the Chosen Call.
1) Not fake. 2) Thirst for more knowledge
3) Hardships 4) Quest for Truth 5) Black sheep loner 6) Good person pure heart 7) Inner knowing sense 8) Dislike haters around 9) Faith believe in God highest power.02 11 2024.   MEE

Creative Nicknames:
Riot Remedy & Rhino Rock. BOTH in Gold Butte   National Monument. ... 02 10 2024