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05 26 2024


4:44am Preeminent Peninsula
Terence Tranquility
Supreme Singularity
Serenity Seers 

God Given ... Freedom By Birth:Serenity Place on Earth. No Celebrity, No Idols, No Icons, No Manipulator No Bosses No Employers. Just as a "Visionary Villager" in a small remote Village Virgin Unknown Place.My Birth Place Region. I nickname " Serenity Seers " or " Preeminent Peninsula ". A place of "Terence Tranquility", no internet, no concrete world, no city, no hustle & bustle, no hectic life, no statues. A small remote village nearby will do. Just food stall, a road, Andaman Sea [ WE, villagers & me can get plenty of food sources from the God Given Andaman Sea. Amen ] white sand bars, turquoise clear shallow water. No politics No religion No toxicants. God, You, unspoiled unknown Nature & Village life. Few habitats, food & a place to live and enjoy the Natural Beauty of YAHWEH Creation.+++ Supreme Singularity. 05 26 2024 



Burmese Actress Melody Casual Dinner at her home. In Myanmar they don't have 3 meals per day. Just 2 meals per day (less work & simple). Morning meal (Breakfast + Lunch) & Night meal (Dinner). No breakfast  / lunch / dinner. Weather too. Just 3 seasons (Fall / Summer / Rainy). Not 4 seasons (Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer) like here in USA.Melody said Nga Pe Ye (fish paste sauce), Tot sa yar (vegetable salad) & white rice is good enough for her taste. TRUE. For me also, white rice, La Phet Thoke (beans & tea leaves with spicies mix) & Nga boat Chauk (dried seasoned fish roasted with vegetable cooking oil) is good enough for delicious meal. AmenSimple, economic, healthy & delicious. Control weight too NATURALLY. What else would you ask for more?. She prefer using RIGHT hand. Don't blame her because when wash throughly it is as clean as ever and adequate to handle food. As for me I prefer Fork Spoon & Knife BUT no Chopsticks please. I don't like Chopsticks and can't handle nicely let alone pick up foods. Chopsticks are out of question when eating.  If I can't have Fork Spoon & Knife I rather clean my RIGHT hand and eat just like Melody. No problem. By the way I can eat white rice, la phet Thoke & nga boat Chauk same thing for a year every day. No boring. Appetite doesn't decline either.Note: Rice must be Good Quality Rice. Did you know Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy DELTA region can be SEEN from Space?. This huge DELTA region produces BEST high quality rice & food/fresh water fishes. It was the RICE bowl of Asia in the past era. This DELTA is teaming with large fresh water rivers that spreads from AYEYARWADY River that flows from North Snow Capped Mountains (Tip of Himalayas High Mountain Range) to South Andaman Sea crossing the ENTIRE Myanmar Country from North to South. The BACKBONE or LIFEBLOOD of Myanmar. Since ancient times, Burmese race settles alongside this VITAL river of Myanmar.




For 3 years since February 2021 to date bombing killing setting fires destroying villages  50,000 civilians DEAD. For what ?. These Demonic people did not value LIFE at all. 3 Top Countries selling arms to kill innocent civilians.  China Russia & India. These countries are partly responsible for these deaths. 


One of the reasons I admire the late President Ronald Reagan [ Republican ] so much is HE had bring down the Evil Empire WITHOUT shooting ONE bullet let alone ONE life iost intelligently. No American soldier life was lost then Rival Super Power disintegration of USSR now known as Russia. 

05 25 2024

Judging others with 1% knowledge is FOOLISH not to mention incorrect and wrongful. 

Told you. 05 25 2024. When EVIL reigns DEVILS dance. 


Revelation Reveal "Help Is On The Way".

Shadowy Signs & Hidden Faces: He is smiling, short, innocent young face but behind that camouflage face is the face of the Devil. My 'gut feeling' tells me this powerful man has EVILNESS. My 7thSense never goes wrong. Especially when I look at the face I sense the EVILNESS behind the innocent looking face. I know by looking deep over the face it shows to me the real face of the devil. The smile, the eyes, the expression of his face revealed his true inner self that is EVIL second to none no matter how much he hide. Spiritual Angel Wonderful shows the Devil's true face behind. My gut 7thSense never goes wrong either. Age doesn't matter, appearance doesn't matter, looks doesn't matter. The Bible is the PROOF revealing the POWERFUL Anti-Christ, Satan & Demons in this real world we live. My instincts never failed me. It's no coincidence many people dead in this few years for these real demonic people don't value LIFE. That's the CRUX of the problem we are facing today. Pandora Box is OPEN now. May 25th, 2024.

--- Sacred Seers Singularity

Nexus Note: Below is the only BOOK that never COMPROMISE.


Penrose Triangle:

The impossible?. I think it's the Deception base on the individual's BRAIN perception. It depends on individual's thinking. I nickname as  "Perception Twist". I love this ! 3D Tri. Credit to the Artist. --- Sanctity Solution.  05 25 2024. 







On one hand killing murdering innocent people & on the other hand worshipping Buddha for Goodwill good deeds. What a blatant deception 



Dated March 14th, 2024...  M y a n m a r i c a n. One Word.In the process of advancing my personal websites slowly but surely. Domain name niowise.net has been change to nyinway.net   Nyinway is my 1st Original name in entering internet field decades ago along with lynways. Check my links. Replace niowise with nyinway. "Nyinway" / spoken as Niin - Wai, is a Myanmar / Burmese name (spelled in English) meaning in English as  "" Snowy Mist "". 


S.E.E.       Logo

03 18 2024

Myanmarican Myanmar Style:This morning breakfast "Myanmar Style". March 18th, 2024 5am (Monday). I'm an early bird where Quietness Singularity Rules......Myanmarican. Picture consistency is 1] La-Phet (Tea Leaves soak in Olive oil) 2] Roasted Sesame Seeds, 3] Green Chilli (for spicy) 4] Grinded Dried Shrimp, 5] Slice fried Garlic & 6] Roasted unsalted Pumpkin seeds.Hot Tea drink on the side. I can eat this every breakfast with mouth watering appetites. Never boring. Only 3 teaspoon of La-Phet is enough for the mix with other ingredients.By the way my SUGAR level in my blood is only 89 this morning. I just tested myself BEFORE eating. Normal SUGAR level for health is between 80 & 120. I am very comfortable. God Bless Me. Amen. Usually I test my blood myself 3 times a week. Every week. Just checking..... Tracker Terence. Did you know Atheist China is responsible for poisoning Americans. ??? Huh !.




Myanmar Gems & Cultural Artware collection, Food enjoying & Nature sight seeing "Visiting VISA for 6 months" I need...


Myanmar Traditional Popular Street Foods but this is extra mile delicious "'VILLAGE cooking"" (in Burmese Taww Chat) away from Cities cooking. VILLAGE cooking is less oil on curries which is my favorite. My fav dish is Chicken Intestine Curry and Deep Fried Crispy Sparrow (small bird) pause the video at 3:53 where the lady pointing finger at. I can go the same route they took. Go to Mandalay City (from base Yangon City) and then take 84th Street in Mandalay heading West, Cross the Ayeyarwaddy River onto the NEW Bridge (can see old bridge from their car). Other side of the River is Sagaing City. Just around the edge of the Banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River at the end of the Bridge is Nyaung Pin Wun food STALL (not restaurant) where they had food and where I will take my morning dinner (Myanmar has only 2 Dinners. 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, no lunch). 





I can survive 24/7/365 days year round with ...
1] Mohinga
2] La-Phet Thoke
3] Curry & Rice. Myanmarican 



My Creation of New Federal Union of Myan Mar Capital City [ Name & Map ]. 3 Times Greater than current Capital "Nay Pyi Taw"..... Lynyon.   January 26th, 2024.Note:  MAHARMEIK (Myanmar Name spell/written in English) means ALLIANCE in English.

I had invented "eccentric style" English that prevent protect progress AND guarantee into New Era English as Forever World Language and STOP Chinese language right in their track.
A Daring Design by MEE if one can MazeBrain.
Also Just as "Yuan" cannot overtake "Dollar", Chinese language cannot overtake English.
MazeBrain. 01 26 2024. 

R ising  F reedom  K night Jr.Waiting in the Wings of Bald Eagle MazeBrain. 


02 03 2024





T r i n i t y l y n

Cross Crux Enterprise [ CCE ]





01 26 2024

Hair Cut Yesterday January 24th, 2024.Photos taken today January 25th, 2024 Retiree & Transferee:-:Transfer from Republic of the Union of Myanmar [ RUM ] to United States of America [ USA ].


Three Pillars:
What Humans proposed, God disposes. It is impossible to comprehend/understand God's infinite Wisdom. The Vastness of the Universe that the Creator created is the perfect example that Earthlings can TRY or Attempt [ Like A.I. ] to read the MIND of God like Einstein & other distinguished excellent icons, it is to no avail we can achieve that. There are many limitations for humans like for instance death. Some Accomplished much & some nothing but that doesn't matter in the Book of Holy Creator who created & recorded on EVERYTHING. Truth matters, So does Faith. Realistically down to Earth & Earthlings 3 Pillars stands out. Hope, Love & Faith.... Transferee 01 25 2024 

Although I came from 90% Buddhist Burmese Country, I'm Baptist Burmese Christian since 12 yrs old. Why?. Cuz God had a purpose & reason to choose me out of many... Transferee 

United States Political & Governance System needs Total Refurbishment into more "Sensible Adaptable Ways" [ SAW ].
T for Transferee. 01 25 2024 




One of my Top Favorite late U.S. President Ronald Reagan said. The ONLY President that dissolve USSR Super Power Rival Nation WITHOUT a single Bullet fired nor one American soldier life lost.
01 24 2024
L y n y o n  


Nine Mighty Names of God from the Bible:1)Yahweh. 2)Elohim 3)El Shaddai. 4)Adonai 5)Jehovah Jireh. 6)Jehovah Rapha 7)Jehovah Shalom 8)Jehovah Nissi. 9)El Elyon I pick Yahweh. 


AGREE. It's a privilege to live side by side with you guys as United one country. In respect. Thank you. I remember I saw some of you guys visit Las Vegas. Great Honor in deed.I also DISAGREE on "getting rid/erase" of Confederate Flags, Statues & Names etc. Tainting The Truth. History should be based on Truth. Good or Bad for Learning. Not for camouflage. 


Comfortably Numb:Yes I realize that. No, I'm very comfortable being "alone by myself" and expect "nothing from nobody". I prefer that way. That's my best way staying from being contaminated by Toxicality and retain PURE & Virgin. Pure Honest Heart is better than Wicked Jealous Heart. My Perceptional Concept. As long as I had Yeshua/Jesus with me, I'm fine. Amen. 


White Cross Christian International Flag [WCCIF]. The Force To Be Reckoned With. Amen.Creator ... Terence Lyn. Nickname " Geniius ". 01 25 2024   Codename " Christonian ". 




01 18 2024

Burmese majority thinks they know everything (which they don't) and declare no slavery to outsiders and YET they become slaves of Communist China and others.



Thailand is Myanmar's neighbor but way ahead more develop than less unfortunate Myanmar. Although both countries are Buddhist Nations Thailand is more lenient and flexible towards Western cultures & international norms than Burmese. Even Burmese like me did not get along well with fellow Burmese base on Religion difference. Myanmar has 135 ethnic groups compare to Thailand 45 ethnic groups plus 1 (foreigners) total 46 diverse ethnic groups. Myanmar is more radical and Buddhism is 90% while Thailand is less radical in compare to Burmese. Lynyon 


US prepares to counter China with Asia Pacific Alliance [ APA ] FORCES. Lynyon 


Myanmar American News:PRC supply arms to both sides to kill each other. The true culprit for Myanmar war is PRC.LIABLE for $Trillions in compensation to Myanmar PEOPLE.Lynyon Ta Yoke Baw Ma ALo Ma Sheet.To hell with Chinese creation of Pauk Paw Friendship.Time for ignition of Asia Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization [Asia NATO version]


Eagle Eyesight / Lynyon Light:PRC deceptively portrayed as "mediator" in truth annexing Myanmar sleazily slyly & stealthily by using "controlled proxy armies from both sides".PRC ( Communist China / CCP ) is blatantly swallowing Myanmar piece by piece in broad daylight with CONTROL over BOTH Coup Council Military AND Revolutionary Forces. IF "forceful defense" is not done Myanmar will become PROVINCE of China sooner or later. Lynyon   Ta Yoke Baw Ma A Lo Ma Sheet !!!January 18th, 2024.


Can you handle "The Truth" ?. IF you CAN, you are truly Significantly Solidified Strong. IF not, you are truly weak & feeble no matter what status you are in... Truther  

Out of 7 Billion people, I need only 1 honest, truthful & faithful person. Just one !.
Lynyon/BaldEagle never fly in flock. Fly alone with sharp eye sight. 01 18 2024


01 12 2024







"Pillars of Creation" also known as "Eagle Nebula" is my favorite Nebula 6500 light years away from Earth. My enthusiasm on Nebula is immense for it is a Cocoon like Cosmos where Stars, Planets etc. are born like an incubator. CocoonCosmosChrist.   01 12 2024.Cocoon represents Incubator Cosmos represents deep wide Space Christ represents the Creator. Amen. 


Nebula, a place where stars, planets were born. An Incubator or Cocoon Cosmos interest me. You see, in space time we use light years. Our Galaxy Milky Way is unique just like the lonely planet Earth. Yes we have many planets not one same as our planet Earth. I thank our Creator who created and chose Earth in Milky Way Galaxy. Amen.By the way which is faster? The speed of LIGHT or the speed of SOUL/MIND?.... Just Curious.


Genius (Albert Einstein) & Clown (Charlie Chaplin). The WORLD knows them very well. Traits of Tenacity. Nice Pair. Maybe I had both Characteristic in a way? Just Maybe? Hybrid?.Project Arrows Cross.    01 12 2024 


FOLLOW my mommydad:She is My Mom AND My Dad since I was 9 years old. Amen. My "goal" is to "Join" her. Amen After Amen. I will join the day Jesus/Yeshua allows/decide. My Goal is NOT in this World.MommieDaddy. 01 11 2024 


Dear Legend K.R.Thanks for the encouraging words of Wisdom but it's NOT that simple cuz the Evil follows you like a shadow. Watching every move you make. Especially in this GPS world. Evil is Real & Everywhere. I had pictures (taken by cell phone) & events that shows/prove evil is real. In Ukraine, Israel, Myanmar, etc. everywhere there are killings murders massacres and brutality exist. They are trying to change the truth into lie & lie into truth. I will stick to the truth no matter what. Best ExampleEven Jesus/Yeshua had to go to the wilderness and alone he quietly concentrate on God (soul searching) the father and YET Satan the devil follows him and tried to persuade Yeshua testing loyalty to God. But Jesus stick to God the father. Satan failed in his evil intent. Amen.EndTimes is here. For Real. Stay close to God (your choice) before you'll be swept away for bad. Thank God I survive to this day because of Jesus/Yeshua. If not I'll be long dead with bones left in Burma now Myanmar let alone coming to America. Jesus/Yeshua saved me then (Myanmar) & now (America). Amen.Sorry my written note a little longer than yours. My apology. Fixed ICEBERG. 


New Level   New Year   New Insight Indeed. When that final nail thing happened there is no other human around. There is no earthquake too. If this is not IMMORTAL (spirits) then what is?. In Burmese term especially Buddhists a majority Governing race the "Criminal Council" military Generals led by General Min Aung Hlaing did a lot of "yadayar" (Spiritual Adjustment) invites EVIL spirits to harm others that they hate. This is Real & Ongoing in Burma/Myanmar currently in Civil War inside the Country. Even I saw news (YouTube) that a flock of Vultures (50 of them) descendant on building in Yangon City the biggest City in Myanmar,  a Negative BAD OMEN for Buddhist Burma/Myanmar. Christian God will Revolutionized Myanmar and will change EVERYTHING. YadayarYa [ My Anti - Yadayar meaning Good Spirits like Angels Defense ]. 01 11 2024It may sounds SILLY but it's realistic & true for its happening right now, ongoing thing. 


No Power Eye Glass. Just finished morning shower. Today 6:30 am shower.Taken 01 11 2024. Motto: "No Greed But Creed Just Needs". The Nest is the Best. Retirement Job is the best with Total Freedom 24/7/Yr.Miracles are extremely Rare but Real. The Presence of God is Selectively Serenity & Splendor......PureHeart. 


Bloody True. All my life is full of uphill battles & difficulties since I was 9 years old when my father passed away and my single mother (widow) take cares of 4 siblings single handedly. She was my father & my mother since dad passed away for she never remarry although young age because of us siblings. My mom before she passed away said "son, although I will not be near you Jesus Christ will be besides you and will take care of you always so don't worry". What she said was true after all.


9 volatile storms in 61 days (6 in October & 3 in November). The last one is supposed to be final nail in the coffin by Satan & Devil COMBINATION (immortal) last attack. The last ATTACK was most ferocious attack. 11 30 2023. Never forget. However Yeshua & Assigned Angels SAVED & PROTECT. Miracles are RARE but REAL. Believe it or not. My personal private encounter. PureHeart    01 11 2024. 







Mark My Words.
Verify it & You will find the Truth for Truth is Forever.

I'm a SERVER. My job is to SERVE others. 36 yrs straight non stop. Great Achievement I take. Rarest. Jesus / Yeshua said "serving" others is like serving to me. So I SERVE. 

Don't single out on just one particular person. That's call PICKING.Did you know many are "scroll overs" and only a few "shared". Why? Because they lacks worthiness & wisdom. Let me say something about "colleagues" at work place. When you r the only Burmese both employees & Management in the ENTIRE hotel and 90% are Hispanic one single Burmese don't stand a chance for FAIR trial in anycase. Racism is EVERYWHERE. Every Race. Understand?.Logo of LLL. I create myself (12/2/2023) out of Nothing. Polaris Pointer. Not Brutal & Savages Lion on Low Land. Truth never change nor Polaris never move stable high UP.. 


Myanmar has the potential to become one of the top 5 wealthiest countries but now ranks 2nd poorest country on Earth. Why? Leadership SUCKS. Worse, refusal to relinquish power. 

Cannot negotiate with Devils you know. Leave it to Angels (Holy Spirits/Souls) to tackle it. Spiritual Good Angels know how to deal with them. Eye for an Eye confrontation. 


Countdown Circle Begins with the Best Month of the Year December. Looking & Looming with ... Welcome 2024.L y n n y s m ( My New Creative Word. Not in the Dictionary ).  12032023Lynnysm Logo. GGG. Northern "ArchAngel Wonderful" (assigned by Jesus Christ) Points to Polaris Star. 


Truth NEVER Lie. Amen. 


THE BEST month of the Year ... Every Year. Merry Christmas. Rejoice & Hallelujah!!!.LLL  12032023 


*GlacierGreenGold* with Polaris Pointer is My Logo. I had a Seventh Sense of Northern "ArchAngel Wonderful" assigned by Jesus Christ Presence. Amen. LLL 

Demarcation is done by humans for humans restrictions. It is unnatural and delusional. Birds has no restrictions and fly FREELY anywhere but humans are bound by artificial illusions. It reminds me of Beatles John Lennon song IMAGINE.LLL   12032023 


Don't think only Nomads are evil doers. Rich people or millionaires & billionaires are evil too. Money has no discretion on EVILNESS. In fact it is the ROOT of all evil. 

Spring Revolution Forces ( Tabinshwetee ) face off Coup Council forces. KNLA Taw Kyee Kan & Tabinshwetee Alliance Forces battle at Mon Region BeeLin Town, KawKaRate Area.TabinShweTee / YadayarYa   12022023 


The most China fears is Myanmar becoming FULL Democratic Nation.


This is December.  Peace & Goodwill towards both PEOPLES of Ukraine & Russia. My perspective is to find ways of "common interest" and solve the problems between them themselves. Amen. 


Billionaire Barbarians: You know, these murderers, torturers, evil doers, devils & demons want me to change the TRUTH for their make believe manufactured assumptions based on Deception, just because they are Filthy rich (mostly dark money) and big powerful, influential. No, I can't change the TRUTH to their like. Nobody can changed the TRUTH. Truth is Truth no matter what time changes, like it or not. Truth is Eternal & Uncompromising. Amen.



*GlacierGreenGold* pointing North to Polaris Star. Created 12/02/2023Out of Nothing, I create Something. My Logo of "GlacierGreenGold".GGG for short. 



Out of Nothing, I Create Something. A logo of my 3 favorite colors named "GlacierGreenGold" pointing NORTH the Polaris Star. NORTH is the Region of My Guardian Angel "ArchAngel Wonderful" Region or Resides, assigned by Yeshua / Jesus Christ. 


Be careful Demons & Devils when you mess with Genius. ArchAngel Wonderful is ever Presence Defending with Precision & Perfection at Striking Nano Timing... LLL 

D e c e m b e r
Our Savior Birth Month.
Redemption (Crucifixion) Revival (Risen) Rejoice (Eternal Life) !!!

Yahweh Yeshua & You.
Judeo Christians (or) Jesus Children.
Merry Christmas!!! Rejoice.
LLL 12022023 

SIEGE by Genghis Khan of Mongols (Nomads) annexation of China. 


The meaning of Capital City names of South East Asia. I like Myanmar (Royal Capital) as #1 and Thailand (City of Angels) as #2. 


THIS is America. God's Country *Biblical Eagle*. 


One of my fav restaurants. Golden Steer. 


Junta Defeat? 



Creating Something Out Of Nothing is Genius.

LLL 12012023

WoW ! Are you Intelligent?. One simple question?. Which is MORE important? Inside or Outside of human's Physical Body?. My take ... INSIDE. 


S p i r i t u a l
L.L.L. [ Geniius ] 

MIND of GENIIUS (with 2 ii) :-:I AM different  ... Very different. Finding Ferocious Faith IS Highly Intelligent. Agreed or Not? Is Not important. My insight on this video of most important facts above 13 facts/habits for HIP [ Highly Intelligent Person ] is ... Creativity!!! Remember WE are all created by the Creator God in the IMAGE of HIM ( when I say image it doesn't mean body physical parts. I MEAN the SPIRIT SOUL or MIND of a person). It depends HOW an individual use his/her "Heart & Soul/Spirit" to tame the BEAST (Devil).Yahweh Yeshua & You *YYY*. Amen.Lynpray Lynways Lynlight [LLL]...12012023Note: Learn from informative insight that EINSTEIN brain was preserved and studied because of his Genius Capabilities. Well, brain is just the brain like all other parts of human creation. In FACT all humans parts are PERISHABLE. It's the MIND or SPIRIT or SOUL that drives like the DRIVER of a car ( physical body parts). Amen. By the way, Genius (with one i) Albert Einstein spent all his life searching for the Truth but died while still searching,  so is Gaw Da Ma   Buddha etc. but he also died while searching for they all search for "ways & means" (humans' concept) while GOD is SPIRITUAL. 



Jesus Yeshua died for me. I live for him. 

Yeshua had performed over 30 recorded MIRACLES while he was on Earth not to mention unrecorded ones. If this does not convince you, whatelse can?... 12012023 

Jesus is with you not just December but every single day good times or bad times through out the year, every year.



Mt. Everest. Nepal Route to the Top of the World. 


Anything is possible WITH Jesus. Anything. Amen.12 01 2023 


Bye November  ... Hello Merry Christmas! REJOICE & HALLELUJAH !!!.12012023. 


RFK Jr. Presidential Hopeful for 2024. 


Life of Yeshua / Jesus of Nazareth Born in Bethlehem. 





About time for "Lottery Lovers" to exercise their EQUAL rights IN Nevada. Discrimination has no place in this time of era. Especially in America. The sooner the better.10072023   Lyn. 


Terrifying Military Regime



USA means United States of America. Which means "United States" is part of America CONTINENT. So is Canada, Mexico & all the rest of countries from Central & South America. AMERICA is one nation one people one GOD. Amen. October 7th, 2023

Let me live MY LIFE closer to The TRUTH 







US - Israel



Trump 2024 rival Nikki Haley blasts former president over criticism of Israeli leader Netanyahu


Hamas want to swap prisoners? Israel has 2.3 million but hamas had only few hundreds. Who got the Upper hand?. THINK !. 


I'm NOT surprise at sheer EVIL of brutality done by them for they are followers & worshipers of FALSE Prophet Devil / Satan. Expect nothing GOOD will come out of them nor will there be any TRUST in them. Judgement Day will be placed upon them forever.







Israel Lost Tribe
Yahweh had make sure the "lost tribe" of Israel shall NOT perish despite the persecution and destruction of enemies AND time. It is said and believes this lost tribe is in MyanMar although 90% majority Burmese Buddhists Military tries to eradicate the KAREN Christians who live between 2 Buddhist Nations namely Myanmar & Thailand. Ofcourse Civil War is on going in Myanmar since World War 2 to date but "somehow" Yahweh protects this lost tribe through thick & thin during turbulent times to survive to this day. KAREN worship Christian God long time BEFORE Burma got her independence from the British. In fact KAREN also known as KAWTHOOLAY almost rule Burma now Myanmar when their army surrounded Rangoon now Yangon then Capital in SIEGE by encroaching on Suburbs of Yangon called INSEIN township.
How did the lost tribe end up in MyanMar?. As Geography shows WEST of Israel nation is Mediterranean Sea so they travel EAST towards now Jordan then towards Persia now Iran then to India, in India there are pockets of Christianity or Jewish Ancestry found next to MyanMar borders to this day. Finally they cross the central flat lands of MyanMar into settling in the forested mountains now known as Kayin/Karen State tuck in between Thailand (Buddhist Nation) & Myanmar (Buddhist Nation). 

Ancestry: I sense ... My mother side, not my father side, has the "lost tribe" blood for it is said out of 135 ethnic races 1 is believed to be the "lost tribe" of Israel in MyanMar. The Burmese call them (tribe) "Kayin" but the westerners called them "Karen". They have light white fair skin and color eyes light color hair. Even to this day they are mostly Christians among 90% Burmese Buddhists. 





03 06 2024

S t a r l y n       Emblem

Ignoring The Truth can have serious consequences you know or don't know ???. 

I want to ask the public ONE simple question???. Why did people act ignore or even condemn that there is no Jesus existence at all?. Despite mounting real evidences & historical facts Jesus/Yeshua EXIST during Roman Empire Era. Why?


Entirety belongs to Earth.The secret of my successful STRENGTH is my MIND. Terence Lyn's MIND. I evolve STRESS into ENJOYMENT. All my life the LOSING event turns into Enjoyment. When you "Enjoy" troublesome "Stress", Loser becomes Winner. My model icon is My Lord as Guide & Guardian Yeshua/Jesus. In a way Jesus was a LOSER (condemned & crucified although he was totally innocent) BUT he rise again and Live to become the Winner. One example I want to single out is on March 5th Super Tuesday after few days of rain AND over 40 miles per hour winds in Las Vegas, I found out one of my tall pine tree roots emerge from ground and to top that off the tall tree was NOT straight up but slanting to the left side top heavy. Immediately I call my tree professional and analyze the roots showing tall pine Tree. He advised best to cut it off before next windy day comes and on that spot I agree and remove/cut off the Pine Tree immediately on that same day. Stress turns to Enjoyment in Life for Smart Ways does produce Winning for Future if fall on back gate & wall fence the damage can be BIG. 


I, called my sisters' skin color ... TAN.   YESS !03 05 2024   Infinite Americana [ I.A. ]. 


N a w a r a t: Miracle Ring Mascot ( MRM )
M y a n m a r/E n g l i s h Metaphor [ MEM ]
03 05 2024 Super Tuesday. Americana 

Pop King & Queen. Queen beats King.

Phenomenon Polarization. Americana. 03 05 2024.  Super Tuesday. 


03 15 2024

Anglican Baptist Catholic

Myanmarican 03152024



Myanmarican: New word Creation Not in the Dictionary Not in Myanmar Not in America Not in the World. Singularity word created/invented by me.... Geniius

04 03 2024


Things to know about Myanmar. One of the 3 wars ongoing around the world under Biden's leadership.


Happy Easter. 04 03 2024Bishop said LGBT is a Crime. SATAN planted his Wicked Followers as "Leaders" of the Global to endorse Criminals everywhere especially America, the Heart & Soul of Christianity. 



Happy Easter ...
Devine Intervention. It happens for a Reason & Purpose. I saw what others don't see. YAHWEH, Yeshua & You ! 

Characteristics of Anti Christ. This foolishness can cost him his job. Divine Intervention Way. Amen.The HOUSE (where he dwell) Background color is NOT White. It's FAKE Rainbow color. Real True Rainbow has 7 colors. Number 7 is Godliness. The FAKE has 6. The number of Satan mention in the Holy Bible. It is what it is. TRUTH never Lie. Satan Create Lies, Deception Instability & Chaos. Look at the World today including America. Not to mention 3 wars, Ukraine, Israel & Myanmar to name a few. Blood is everywhere and this is NOT world war 3 yet. Not Yet. Bible teaches us of Tribulation Period which is dreadful. 7 years of accruciating pain & suffering. Will stop for now.





Trump is an extraordinary smart person. He knows best. My short pick is DeSantis (Florida) & Neom from South Dakota. No offense to other good persons. 


Happy Easter,Forget about LGBTQ CRAP & Piece of Paper Proclamation. Let's talk something meaningful .. World Currency.  MONEY TALK while Bullshit walks doing walkabouts wandering heading towards nowhere.China (rank 2nd after US) wants Chinese money Yuan as World Currency.  They have tried 16 years and reach 5.8% after 16 years compare to 60% USD (In God We Trust Ordained) stakes on World Currency Domination.Now India (rank 5th) Hindu Chief wants to make Rupee (Indian money) as World Currency. Rubbish!. Wanananabees please be realistic and move away from your LaLaLynchpinLand fairytale fantasies. If the 2nd takes 16 years to reach 5.8% think about 5th?. What 1%? After 20 years?. Heard India withdraw from BRICS (Money Group against USD) let alone become World Currency Domination. Far from it. 


Happy Easter. 04 03 2024Bishop said LGBT is a Crime. SATAN planted his Wicked Followers as "Leaders" of the Global to endorse Criminals everywhere especially America, the Heart & Soul of Christianity. 


Characteristics of Anti Christ. This foolishness can cost him his job. Divine Intervention Way. Amen.The HOUSE (where he dwell) Background color is NOT White. It's FAKE Rainbow color. Real True Rainbow has 7 colors. Number 7 is Godliness. The FAKE has 6. The number of Satan mention in the Holy Bible. It is what it is. TRUTH never Lie. Satan Create Lies, Deception Instability & Chaos. Look at the World today including America. Not to mention 3 wars, Ukraine, Israel & Myanmar to name a few. Blood is everywhere and this is NOT world war 3 yet. Not Yet. Bible teaches us of Tribulation Period which is dreadful. 7 years of excruciating pain & suffering. Will stop for now.


04 04 2024

Eternal EasterEra  Emblem  Established  04 04 2024

Meaning:7 [Godliness Number] small different colors surrounding "Christ Risen Symbol" in the Center & the entire shape is in the form of letter E which stands for Eternal EasterEra. RED is the color of Christ Blood in Redemption of Salvation to HIS Children of Light. Amen. 


NATO expects Trump's Triumph Trajectory in 7 months away, November, 2024 planning 5 year plan $100 Billion or more for Ukraine. Finally "Globalists face their Global problems". Trump is serious concerning with responsibility on Money Matters..... Happy Easter. 


White means purity, innocent and the color of Light. White represents God, Holy Spirit & Enlightenment. As for PRIDE, it is the root of EVILNESS. 

The Authentic American Way.
Did you know why the seat of God's country is called WHITE HOUSE?. Why is it painted WHITE?. Any President (past, present & future) that resides in the White House and disrespect disgrace the White House will be dealt with God's Law by God. 

Happy Easter,Told You. "Divine Intervention" on the RISE. Evangelical/Judeo Christians Game Changer Force to Reckon with. Quiet Quark Quest


Happy Easter,Forget about LGBTQ CRAP & Piece of Paper Proclamation. Let's talk something meaningful .. World Currency.  MONEY TALK while Bullshit walks doing walkabouts wandering heading towards nowhere.China (rank 2nd after US) wants Chinese money Yuan as World Currency.  They have tried 16 years and reach 5.8% after 16 years compare to 60% USD (In God We Trust Ordained) stakes on World Currency Domination.Now India (rank 5th) Hindu Chief wants to make Rupee (Indian money) as World Currency. Rubbish!. Wanananabees please be realistic and move away from your LaLaLynchpinLand fairytale fantasies. If the 2nd takes 16 years to reach 5.8% think about 5th?. What 1%? After 20 years?. Heard India withdraw from BRICS (Money Group against USD) let alone become World Currency Domination. Far from it. 


Happy Easter. 04 03 2024RFK Jr speaks the Truth, Realistic & Reasonable Logic Insight. 


Happy Easter. 04 03 2024Bishop said LGBT is a Crime. SATAN planted his Wicked Followers as "Leaders" of the Global to endorse Criminals everywhere especially America, the Heart & Soul of Christianity. 



Happy Easter ...
Divine Intervention.It happens for a Reason & Purpose. I saw what others don't see. YAHWEH, Yeshua & You !

04 09 2024


Street lights have been dark for about a week and my fence was broken off (today) and I had to fix it for temporary. Crime already committed in our neighborhood. Intentionally only my neighborhood section street lights are dark. 


Perfected Precision Phenomenon.Gift from God to America....  I, Terencelyn nickname / Proclaim this *special event* that happens on USA as .......American......C r o s s o v e r.USA specifically NASA Genius Sharing showing the Awesome Creation of YAHWEH pick on LIFE making Earth Moon & Sun, the perfect combination of delivering Rare Precious LIFE in this Vast Universe. If this is not highly Intelligent design,  then what is? You tell me. I did CATCH the Total Eclipse both from Earth surface AND the Space Station view of the moving DARK SHADOW of Moon on Earth. Awesome Combination.Rare Earthlyn. 04 08 2024. 



Christianity in Union of Myanmar. My fellow Christian sister. Thanks. What a wonderful voice. Although we live half the Globe our hearts are close. Thakin Yeshua (Lord Jesus) Bless us. Amen. Fav singer & song.P.S. Although I don't understand one word I listen to this music countless times. Wish you knew I'm listening to your singing many times. Are you Karen? Karenni? Chin? or Kachin?.Gotcha Girl. You're Chin Baptist Girl. Wonderful Voice & Song. Love it.EasterEra 


WE all live in NUMBERS World. Some numbers are important (like social security) and some are not so important. Number 45th President Trump VERBAL Proclamation on Abortion topic is at hand for People & Nation & The World to know. Enjoy !.EasterEra. 04 08 2024. 


LYN Brain vs LION Brain:
3 Wars [Myanmar, Ukraine & Israel] in just few years. America has become Atheist Animalism deviates from Christianity. They worship the LION a brutal ruthless ANIMAL savages that knows only one thing ... to kill & murder... as their KING but don't worry for there is always 2 sides of a COIN. The GOODWILL side & the EVIL side just like positive & negative etc. It all depends which WAY you chose. Smart way or Dumb way. 

04 08 2024. Howdy KO Pete Myanmar Family. It's a pleasure to meet & know a brilliant family. THXS for helping Myanmar. Myanmarican.... "Yangonite" turn "Las Vegan". 


Donkeynomics Blasted. Time to Go ... Jo. Don't be like a stubborn Mule. It is what it is. Is she Transgender? Looks like it. You know better JO.EasterEra.  04 07 2024 



Got Cha. She is CHIN. English name Gloria?. Beautiful Voice Christian ( Baptist ) Chin national from Union of Myanmar. Her wonderful voice is unmistakable. Although I don't understand "one word" admire your voice & song. Long hours of tracing you baby. May True God bless CHIN, YOU & Myanmar. Don't worry baby, Holy Spirit is with us.EasterEra ... from Las Vegas City, USA. 


New Las Vegas Style: Fine Dinning & Buffet MIX ( Hybrid Harmony NOT Hindu Harmony ).YESTERDAY Friday night All You Can Eat Seafood plus Prime Rib  (Beef) medium rare DINNER with Red Wine AND dessert (cakes). Delicious Enjoyment. No Sweat Relax Easy Eatery !!!.. $50 per person. EasterEra.  04 06 2024 (Saturday). 


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