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Established December 3rd 2023


Truth is Eternal. Truth remains the Same. Not even Time can change it. If you stick with the Truth you will never go wrong. Guaranteed by Jesus Christ. Amen. 

My concious is clear for I know & understand the whole picture, the whole truth NOT partial. They pick on me because they cannot handle the truth. Blood stained hands are the worst......fOckCo......12222023If they hate me for telling the Truth ... Let it be. 




Burmese Christian Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, famous Singer from Myanmar. Some countries & leaders OWE financial compensation to Innocent People of Myan Mar that's been Massacre and Murder. They are humans just like you & me. Not savage animals.


T  is  Triller. Evil  Eliminator 12222023.    T for T e r e n c e   The Legend Lives On for Truth Is Eternal. Truth remains the Same........  fOckCo 


Beat the Baloney Bullshit.......... fOckCo.12222023   ConscriptCocoonCosmos. 


Terence Tradition:
Every New Year I start with a Prayer. NOT fireworks. Amen. So far NEVER miss one.T e r e n c e. 12222023 


SO GOD HELP US.ConscriptCocoonCosmos 12212023LikeCommentShare

LIST of Countries & Leaders responsible for deaths of innocent Burmese & other ethnic people in Myan Mar directly or indirectly. 1) Red China ( Ta Yoke Nee )2) Russia3) Some ASEAN members 4) Coup Council...... So far.CocoonCosmos.P.S. Note: Compensation from all responsible parties could be Trillion Billions USD?. Can you imagine how much is $$$ Trillion Billions USD is?. Think about it !!!. Since Red China holds number 1 spot in responsiblity and SHE Jing A Bell Baloney claims "Super Power" whatever that means, SHE is responsible for 80% of the bulk $Trillion Billions. The rest breaks down to other parties. Logo/Conscript of CocoonCosmos [ Not Meaningless ]. 





Who wrote these? ME ! Who creates? ME ! Who Initiate? ME ! Who is Lynways? ME ! Who put Jesus Christ first? ME ! Who believe in Yeshua? ME !. I'm Happy & Bless & Geniius !!!.Polaris Pointer. 



Federal Army of Myanmar. Wonderful !!!12062023Lynways already found *the site* of NEW CAPITAL [ Name is ALLIANCE in Burmese, Mahar Mate ] for Federal Myanmar. It is in YANGON State [ no more regions ]. There will be "no more" Bago region for Bago will be dissolve into YANGON making YANGON State bigger & better. FEDERAL will consist of 12 States namely 1)Yangon, 2)Karen ( Karen also one big State Combination of Karen/Kayin + Karenni/Kayah as one bigger State ), 3)Tanintharyi, 4)Mon, 5)Shan, 6)Kachin, 7)Sagaing, 8)Chin, 9)Magway, 10)Rakhine, 11)Ayeyarwady & 12)Mandalay. FEDERAL Flag will consist of 12 Stars for 12 States.

Polaris Pointer. 


GOOD. INDIA takes a STAND (not sitting on the fence).

Duwon Kyair 


Now that I had serve 36 yrs, my duty is to create MUTUAL benefits between United States & Myan Mar to establish Alliance in the interest of BOTH Nations & Peoples.
Polaris Pointer. Duwon Kyair. 

Myan Mar Ma Lay Bar Shin. Min Ga Lar Bar Shin. December 2023.




Polaris Point.

I AM capable of leading as Guiding Light/Lyn for Federal Union Myanmar FUM. Alternated National Flag of FUM. MEANING of Flag = Colors, Maroon Red stands for Courage, Indigo Blue stands for Freedom, White  stands for Knowledge & Finally Gold stands for Wisdom. 3 Red Stripes stand for Myanmar Spring Revolution & 2 White stripes stands for Faith & Fairness. 5 small stars around ONE Big star in center is the "Symbol of Unification 12 States" (no more regions) namely ... 1) Yangon State (Yangon + Bago) 2) Mon 3) Tanintharyi 4) Karen (Kayin + Kayah) 5) Ayeyarwady 6) Magway 7) Rakhine 8) Chin 9) Sagaing 10) Kachin 11) Shan 12) Mandalay.Nay Pyi Taw will become Myanmar Tat Ma Har Military Headquarter of PDF. New Capital City with New International Airport of FUM will be build in YANGON STATE.12072023

Polaris Point.

Duwon Kyair.


Some say Super Genius Albert Einstein is Crazy & Weird not to mention he looks Awkward sometimes. Well, if one study carefully these Weirdo & Insanitysm does contribute Unique Extraordinary Insights second to none. 

Stevenson Star. The LARGEST in our Universe. 12072023   I love Astronomical Abstract. Well some say there's 2 Big Bangs. It happen one after another. The 1st was the initial Big Bang that started our Universe. The 2nd one is the follow up to accumulated energy to the 1st. But who what & how was these Big Bangs occur?. That's the Key Point. Polaris Point. 



In Burmese we call *Polaris* Star as ... *Duwon* Kyair/Star.Polaris Pointer 


Building a New Freedom Federal Nation ... One day @ a Time.
In my proposal ALL 12 States can bare arms. No need to relinquish arms. There's need to change wording from ARMY to GUARDS. ALL States are under the Jurisdiction of Federal. All States can have their own elected Government. Again all State Governments under Federal Government. Therefore Federal supersedes State in Governance. 

Polaris Pointer. Can never be perfect except God. Done my DUTY fulfilling Jesus Christ wish. 36 long years. I'm free & retire, my duty is to GUIDE native Myanmar, Free & Fair.

Building a New Freedom Federal Nation ... One day @ a Time.
I tolerate Democracy NOT Discrimination.

Polaris Pointer 12062023 

Changing of Guard in New FEDERAL Myanmar Myanmar People Defense Force [ PDF ] Army (Tat Taw). Future Myanmar Army Insignia. I love it. December 6th, 2023. People Defense Force ... written in Burmese "Pyi Thu Ka Kwe Yay Tat Taw". [ PDF is NUG Military Wing ]. *Tat Taw* is rival to "Tatmadaw".Ta Bin Shwe Tee.    12062023.My perspective interpretation.3 small Stars represent "Myanmar Spring Revolution". One Big Star is DUWON, the STABLE Guiding Star for Federal Democracy.





Some "Money Mongers" are stirring and take advantage on the poor people of Myanmar. 


Burmese Christian's Tidings:Are you worthy of Trust?. The late ICONIC American President Ronald Reagan once said "Trust but Verify" to adversaries. Are you verifiable?. It is not easy nor simple the way Buddhist Military Council had done not to mention Blood Stained Hands over responsible deaths & injuries placed upon innocent people.This is Merry Christmas Month (December) where Christian God's begotten son Baby Jesus was born to save ALL of us. Of course would like to have peace & happiness. Would you endorse Christianity or Christian Faith and promote peace & prosperity for ALL? Not just for Buddhism or Buddhist majority only discriminately. PROVE IT beyond any shadow of doubt in ACTION & in DEEDS. Amen. 


My Private Entity ... *Polaris Pointer*Established December 3rd, 2023 (Sunday). Polaris is actually Triple Star System [ TSS ]. These 3 stars are so close to each other that they look like ONE bright star from distance of 433 Light years away. 


Some people don't understand the MEANING "at all" let alone LESS. 


Lack of Leadership. 


As Jesus / Yeshua said before he leaves Earth. "Serving others is like Serving me" so I serve others for 36 yrs and had DONE my part / duty. Now I'm retire. Jesus / Yeshua died for me so I live for him. Amen. 

Myanmar Civil War. If CHINA can intervene why not USA ?. Why not may I ask?. What's holding you back America ?.TaBinShweTee.  12042023 


Burmese Soldiers. I'm NOT siding with the Coup Buddhist Council. I'm SIDING with the Burmese Soldiers AND Alliance Soldiers together as ONE formidable force ( Tat Ma Har ) for Federalism. No sweat!.

TaBinShweTee  12042023 



Polaris Pointer Logo

Established December 3rd 2023

Navigation Nexus (connection link / center focus).:My Iconic Star ( not animal ).. Northern Angel "Wonderful" Resides. Also known as Polaris. North Star or Pole Star. My Personal Private Polaris FUND Provides whenever I need ( besides conventional Banks ). Thank you LORD. Name my Private Entity *Polaris Pointer*12/03/2023 the date it was born. I AM CEO, CFO, COO of "Polaris Pointer". Comprameeso?



Some people don't understand the MEANING "at all" let alone LESS.


Good Vibe. Very Understanding. 


Accept the "existence" of God? But don't "believe" in God?. C'mon don't be NAIVE. Sometimes Experts can be NAIVE. 



Mark My Words.
Verify it & You will find the Truth for Truth is Forever.

I'm a SERVER. My job is to SERVE others. 36 yrs straight non stop. Great Achievement I take. Rarest. Jesus / Yeshua said "serving" others is like serving to me. So I SERVE. 

Don't single out on just one particular person. That's call PICKING.Did you know many are "scroll overs" and only a few "shared". Why? Because they lacks worthiness & wisdom. Let me say something about "colleagues" at work place. When you r the only Burmese both employees & Management in the ENTIRE hotel and 90% are Hispanic one single Burmese don't stand a chance for FAIR trial in anycase. Racism is EVERYWHERE. Every Race. Understand?.Logo of LLL. I create myself (12/2/2023) out of Nothing. Polaris Pointer. Not Brutal & Savages Lion on Low Land. Truth never change nor Polaris never move stable high UP.. 


Cannot negotiate with Devils you know. Leave it to Angels (Holy Spirits/Souls) to tackle it. Spiritual Good Angels know how to deal with them. Eye for an Eye confrontation. 


Countdown Circle Begins with the Best Month of the Year December. Looking & Looming with ... Welcome 2024.L y n n y s m ( My New Creative Word. Not in the Dictionary ).  12032023Lynnysm Logo. GGG. Northern "ArchAngel Wonderful" (assigned by Jesus Christ) Points to Polaris Star. 


*GlacierGreenGold* with Polaris Pointer is My Logo. I had a Seventh Sense of Northern "ArchAngel Wonderful" assigned by Jesus Christ Presence. Amen. LLL

Demarcation is done by humans for humans restrictions. It is unnatural and delusional. Birds has no restrictions and fly FREELY anywhere but humans are bound by artificial illusions. It reminds me of Beatles John Lennon song IMAGINE.LLL   12032023 


Don't think only Nomads are evil doers. Rich people or millionaires & billionaires are evil too. Money has no discretion on EVILNESS. In fact it is the ROOT of all evil.

Spring Revolution Forces ( Tabinshwetee ) face off Coup Council forces. KNLA Taw Kyee Kan & Tabinshwetee Alliance Forces battle at Mon Region BeeLin Town, KawKaRate Area.TabinShweTee / YadayarYa   12022023 


Out of Nothing, I Create Something. A logo of my 3 favorite colors named "GlacierGreenGold" [ GGG ] pointing NORTH the Polaris Star.NORTH is the Region of My Personal Private Guardian Angel "ArchAngel Wonderful" Region or Resides, assigned by Yeshua / Jesus Christ. 


Be careful Demons & Devils when you mess with Genius. ArchAngel Wonderful is ever Presence Defending with Precision & Perfection at Striking Nano Timing... LLL 

Yahweh Yeshua & You.
Judeo Christians (or) Jesus Children.
Merry Christmas!!! Rejoice.
LLL 12022023

Creating Something Out Of Nothing is Genius.

LLL 12012023 

WoW ! Are you Intelligent?. One simple question?. Which is MORE important? Inside or Outside of human's Physical Body?. My take ... INSIDE. 


MIND of GENIIUS (with 2 ii) :-:I AM different  ... Very different. Finding Ferocious Faith IS Highly Intelligent. Agreed or Not? Is Not important. My insight on this video of most important facts above 13 facts/habits for HIP [ Highly Intelligent Person ] is ... Creativity!!! Remember WE are all created by the Creator God in the IMAGE of HIM ( when I say image it doesn't mean body physical parts. I MEAN the SPIRIT SOUL or MIND of a person). It depends HOW an individual use his/her "Heart & Soul/Spirit" to tame the BEAST (Devil).Yahweh Yeshua & You *YYY*. Amen.

Lynpray Lynways Lynlight [LLL]...12012023

Note: Learn from informative insight that EINSTEIN brain was preserved and studied because of his Genius Capabilities. Well, brain is just the brain like all other parts of human creation. In FACT all humans parts are PERISHABLE. It's the MIND or SPIRIT or SOUL that drives like the DRIVER of a car ( physical body parts). Amen. By the way, Genius (with one i) Albert Einstein spent all his life searching for the Truth but died while still searching,  so is Gaw Da Ma   Buddha etc. but he also died while searching for they all search for "ways & means" (humans' concept) while GOD is SPIRITUAL. 


Jesus Yeshua died for me. I live for him. 

Yeshua had performed over 30 recorded MIRACLES while he was on Earth not to mention unrecorded ones. If this does not convince you, what else can?... 12012023 

Jesus is with you not just December but every single day good times or bad times through out the year, every year.



The meaning of Capital City names of South East Asia. I like Myanmar (Royal Capital) as #1 and Thailand (City of Angels) as #2. When Myanmar becomes Federal Union [ 12 States ]. I prefer NEW Capital name " MAHARMEIK " meaning "Alliance" in New Yangon Region [Yangon + Bago Combine]. I spot that particular place already in my mind AND on the map. 




G S O Geo Synchronous Orbit / T S L [ Tri Synchro Light ]





TRUTH is Verifiable


Terence Lyn /// fOckCo

Truth is Eternal. Truth remains the Same. Not even Time can change it. If you stick with the Truth you will never go wrong. Guaranteed by Jesus Christ. Amen.

 My conscious is clear for I know & understand the whole picture, the whole truth NOT partial. They pick on me because they cannot handle the truth. Blood stained hands are the worst......fOckCo......12222023If they hate me for telling the Truth ... Let it be.

01 14 2024

Truth is TAIWAN has it's own Government, People, System, Military, National flag & Economy. Characteristic of an Independent Sovereign Free Nation. Amen.Message to SHE China. Do not provoke us, I repeat DO NOT provoke us for Hell break loose resulting in extermination of China. In other words PRC will not exist anymore.Project ... *Arrows Cross* 2024. 


Truth is Eternal: Truth is Verifiable:

When this "New Beautiful Hotel" was build and Open in 1999 by "Circus Circus Enterprise" on Las Vegas Strip, countless times I had to explain to customers at work place and other, who wants to know this "strange" English name "Mandalay" ( actually Burmese name written in English spelling ) because I'm the ONLY Burmese in the work place in all employees & management of the entire Hotel let alone Restaurant. Employees come to me for help in explaining their customers curiosity about "Mandalay" for I'm the ONLY one who can explain in clarity because I came from there. The world doesn't know much about the COUNTRY "Myanmar" let alone the City "Mandalay" where the ancient last Burmese Kingdom resides. Myanmar closed its doors for Centuries let alone decades where time stood still and outside world shut off by Brutal Buddhist Military Regimes on to this day.

Terencelyn (Burmese).  January 13th, 2024.

P.S. As Transfer Employee (same Company/Employer), I did the Openings of BOTH Luxor (Egyptian City) & Mandalay Bay [ Burmese City ] theme by "Circus Circus Enterprise" as SERVER. New Pyramid structure Hotel Luxor was opened in 1993 and Mandalay in 1999. I apply job and was hired at "CIRCUS CIRCUS Hotel" in February, 1984 and receives "Outstanding Employee Certificate" transfer to LUXOR 1993 (Opening) and to MANDALAY BAY 1999 (Opening) all built & own by same Company "Circus  Circus Enterprise" which then change the Company name to "Mandalay Resorts" when Mandalay Bay was Open. Brand New Openings (Hotels on the famous Strip, Las Vegas is very important) are very important and the company send ONLY the capable employees as transfer to be as smooth as possible. Outstanding Employee Certificate plus $500 award (in 1980s/90s $500 goes a long way not like today).Terence Lyn.



Fall Sometimes, Rise Up Right--- Shiloh Martin.

Follow Your Heart--- Aspen Swenson. 

Never Underestimate An Old Man--- Terence Lyn 


Well said. This applies to big, mighty & ruthless. Little boy David & Big Man Giant Mighty Goliath. One of many examples of the Holy Bible. That's why I encourage little small island TAIWAN against Big & Mighty China. Truth is on the side of TAIWAN. Amen.

Arrows Cross 


01 16 2024

Let there be Light: [Bible Quote].Astronomy My Specialty:Another fav. SPOT   Hawaii. In the middle of Pacific Ocean, United States. Right On TMT Roll On. Astronomy as Best. Expanding Our Knowledge on Deep Space will pay off to Earthlings.



I encourage new modern POWERFUL telescopes to do research on deep space. It is cost effective and safe in exploring the unknown. By the way, CHILI is one of my fav. SPOT in South America with long Coastline facing Pacific Ocean.



US using in real combat 6th Generation New F-24 fighter jets in Yemen. Cool








RISING RON. Steadfastly & Surely 2024 Presidential hopeful Governor of Florida State Ron DeSantis came in 2nd @ Hawk Eye (Insight) State IOWA Caucuses after 91% votes turn in. Congratulations RDS. Keep up the good hope for Evangelical Nation. As usual DJT is Front Runner of GOP since BEFORE 1st GOP debate. Nothing new.



The First NASA X-59 New "cost effective Quiet" Supersonic New Generation Commercial Planes for 21st Century Travel. Cutting down Half the Travel Time.NASA 1st test flight for Commercial Supersonic travel planes for 21st Century begins. British made "Concorde" is done because of 2 factors. 1) Cost of maintenance & flying.  2) Sonic double boom/noise is too loud for humans on the ground and was banned. Now American Advanced Technology [ NASA ] has produce "QueSST" (X-59) emerging as cutting edge commercial travel into half the time of current Jet Planes flying in a "quiet mode" with cost effective technologies. --- Seventh Sense.   01 15 2024. 


01 17 2024


R H I N O       01 17 2024       Silent but Deadly.

The Lions know their "soft stomach" can be ripped off by FIXED "lone horn" with one powerful toss......... Animal Instinct.


Lynyon   lynterence.  01 17 2024Did you know Myanmar is full of mountains, hills & thick forests infested with jungle mosquitoes that when powerful ancient Chinese Army invades multiple times, 2/3 were eliminated by natural diseases. The more the enemies advance inner, the more troops were lost due to malaria & other deadly diseases. The best defense of Myanmar is the natural protection & dangerous TERRAIN. Myanmar is also surrounded by Ranges of Horseshoe Shaped Mountain Ranges and the only flat plains in the middle lead to the Open Ocean (Andaman Sea + Bay of Bengal). A sure deadly path for enemies likely to be push out to Sea. Ancient Chinese Armies multiple times tried to conquer but FAILED in the END to no avail so they are now reluctant to fight blatant "open war" with Myanmar forces both Military & Rebels etc.Lynyon.   


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