Rare Specie & Rarer SpecieRare Specie ....... Myanmar Christians [ MC ].My Mother Founded This Baptist Church. The left side hall is where the Piano & Church Choir is (back then). My mom leads Choir, sings & plays the piano. I was "Baptized in Christ" here at the age of 12. Amen. Picture taken 2016 Myanmar Visit.

Original Texas Brisket Buffet in Yangon in Yankin food in South Okkalapa Lake in Yangon Bandula Park in Yangon Vegas Utah 06232022 in Southern Utah Houses Model Land to build a new house in Southern Utah of Southern Utah Elevated of NonpartisanPerception REPLACING Politics.
This is the EMBLEM [American Abstract Concept in 3D] of "Nonpartisan" [ Animal symbols not used ] yet to be proceed and process into legal proper ESTABLISHMENT founded by me as an initiative 1st step taken by me [N.I.I]. I'm in the pioneer process of founding/leading people's elusive essential participation in constructing a concrete foundation for a safe & secure America [Continent] including United States adhering Christiandom base Constitution in Virtual Venture Way, Innovatively, Intelligently & Informatively.
Signed & Sealed by [N.I.I.]
Reason. People are fed up with Republican/Conservative politics & Democrat/Liberal politics involvement of excessive cut throat policies creating DIVISIONS/DISUNITY. ..........
Subject to elaborate more. PROCESS E L C H I Z E D E K The Alpha mention in only 3 Books of the Bible, Genesis, Psalms & Hebrews.Melchizedek Temple [ Temple Zero ] Baptist Pastor TG is correct 100%. Canyon is Good Friday. Why did they call "Good" on the Crucifixion Day? Because of the "Goodwill/intent" of God towards sinners in Sacrificing his only Son in exchange for Salvation. Amenn... <+> Never Compromise:-:My number 1 top favorite 28th US President the late Woodrow Wilson PhD picture on USD 100,000 Bill/Note. This bill circulates within Federal Reserve Banks ONLY. Don't circulate for public use...I believe in Independent Entity Federal Reserve.<$>   04072023 are Superior.
White Cross Platform. <+> Zaw Paing. Tequila Sunrise - Eagles ... USA.  Myanmar Version. Background Band - Iron Cross. can do BETTER than this !.Look! Myanmar is one of the poorest developing Nation on Earth. Near rock bottom out of 192 Nations and face SANCTIONS?. Think. Couple try to sell their baby for 2,000,000 Kyat ($1,000) to Actress Khine Hnin Wai. $1 = 2,000 Kyats? Because they have no job, no money with mounting DEBT. Myanmar in DEEP trouble. Baby is real cute. Still feeding with mother's natural milk (breast feeding). Actress help them the money (not loan, no need to pay back) and let the parents KEEP their baby with them in agreement if they have future babies they will not do this again contract. Couple Agreed & Signed. Thank God they went to the right GOOD helping person. Problem Solved. Parents got their baby AND money with no need to pay back. Thanks Khine Hnin Wai. God Bless. Amenn. Buddhist Song Dance in Yangon Myanmar.Tabinshwehtee21C Island Contract retired Generals. Noster Mt. of Olives Church. My 3rd most Holy Church. 1st is Holy Sepulchre. 2nd is Church of Nativity. to the Open Air Cemetery to Celebrate the Defeat of Death [ Resurrection ]. Amenn.I get up 5am in the morning and attend Easter Sunrise Service [ ESS ]. Since 1995 I never miss this Special Service to date 2023 making 28 years straight. No matter what... my dedication to my Spiritual [ not statue ] God Resurrection is my # 1 Special Day of the Year. When I get back home these 2 pictures ( 1 is program leaflet & another is the pic of me) were taken n posted. The  latest picture of me taken today April 9th, 2023.... Easter / Resurrection Day. I respect the Tradition Truth & Trinity. Amenn.White Cross Platform. has the right to defend the country BUT ... no rights to kill it's own innocent unarmed people.Tabinshwehtee21C04102023Faith & Facts !!!Buddha teaches not to kill a little fly let alone a human but Buddhists kill humans, even monks and they called themselves "Buddhists" followers of Buddha. What a LIE.In BAPTISM we worship the Spiritual God. NOT the Physical Objects.I STRONGLY believes God created all things including humans by the WORD from mouth thus it is said & done [ Miracle ]. Amenn. It is what it is and God never created the middle man or third person between him & his subject thus can communicate DIRECTLY one on one basis for he love and treasure his creation. Amenn.WhiteCrossPlatform. Eastern Regional Command General Myat Thet Oo and his family was detained by MAH ( Min Aung Hlaing ) Commander in Chief troops.<^>
Chinese INTERFERENCE in a Sovereign & Independent Country Myanmar is unacceptable. Aggressor China shows itself. How India will respond is yet to be seen. Noster Mt. of Olives Church. My 3rd most Holy Church. 1st is Holy Sepulchre. 2nd is Church of Nativity. to the Open Air Cemetery to Celebrate the Defeat of Death [ Resurrection ]. Amenn.I get up 5am in the morning and attend Easter Sunrise Service [ ESS ]. Since 1995 I never miss this Special Service to date 2023 making 28 years straight. No matter what... my dedication to my Spiritual [ not statue ] God Resurrection is my # 1 Special Day of the Year. When I get back home these 2 pictures ( 1 is program leaflet & another is the pic of me) were taken n posted. The  latest picture of me taken today April 9th, 2023.... Easter / Resurrection Day. I respect the Tradition Truth & Trinity. Amenn.White Cross Platform. has the right to defend the country BUT ... no rights to kill it's own innocent unarmed people.Tabinshwehtee21C04222023Eternal ( Tawara ) God Blessed Note.Rarely seen or in circulation let alone spend USD notes within US let alone International are ... ...$500 / $1,000 / $5,000 / $10,000 & $100.000 Bills. Public is the under Bills... $1 / $2 / $5 / $10 / $20 / $50 / $100 ... 7 in total circulation. are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.Matthew 5:3
Cruxcode05192023Pheasants Alternate Flag   [ Hippimonic Revolution ]Presence. Miracle. Serenity.White = LightGold = WisdomElectric Indigo = Eternal Military, Lobster & King Crab. Nice combination. GOLDEN STEER STEAKHOUSE. The Best of the Bests. My Kind of Restaurant where privacy & delicacy is utmost not to mention the Oldest, Longest STEAKHOUSE EVER in Las Vegas. Thailand *Moving Forward*. Yangon Myanmar FAILED state. Thailand Alliance with United States. Myanmar Control by China. Big difference, close neighbors. 45mins flight (Bangkok to Yangon). or Tatmadaw is to Guard & Protect the Country & People. NOT to Bomb, Kill & Rape the Country & People.Mynlish !+!Thailand military backed Government LOST. Opposition/Move Forward Party Wins. Dated May 22nd, 2023.Thailand is SMART.'s go to the Original >>> Yangon Street Food.Street Food CAPITAL of the World. Food. Number 1 Cuisine in the World. Taste, texture, recipe, style of cooking avoiding frozen or using only fresh foods make it special & unrivaled in this world. Poor Burmese/Myanmar people. They cannot live in their own country where Chinese control Military BOMB their own people. No wonder China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand,  even Laos all suck up Burma and prosper. Burma is a SUCK up, STUCK up country where millions of people run away to other countries and live. Burmese cannot live peacefully in Burma. Thailand alone has 5 million Burmese living.Cursed by Evil. Never discriminate Jesus Christ believers for consequences are dreadful. food IS the World's number 1 delicious & addictive fresh (not frozen) food ever and yet LEAST expensive / known. Burma located next to India has abundance of diverse spices to top it off not to mention Delta of fresh water Rivers, streams etc. A delta that can be seen from space.Mynlish !+!   05212023

Peter Noster Mt. of Olives Church. My 3rd most Holy Church. 1st is Holy Sepulchre. 2nd is Church of Nativity. to the Open Air Cemetery to Celebrate the Defeat of Death [ Resurrection ]. Amenn.I get up 5am in the morning and attend Easter Sunrise Service [ ESS ]. Since 1995 I never miss this Special Service to date 2023 making 28 years straight. No matter what... my dedication to my Spiritual [ not statue ] God Resurrection is my # 1 Special Day of the Year. When I get back home these 2 pictures ( 1 is program leaflet & another is the pic of me) were taken n posted. The  latest picture of me taken today April 9th, 2023.... Easter / Resurrection Day. I respect the Tradition Truth & Trinity. Amenn.White Cross Platform. has the right to defend the country BUT ... no rights to kill it's own innocent unarmed people.Tabinshwehtee21C 

Bloodsworn : A Burmese Historian (YouTube channel)Number 1 favorite. Myanmar 

Four Way Street

Originated from Kyaukkone, Myanmar.

06 04 2024


Brilliant Righteous American Inspired Nexus 

The BRAIN is where the HEAD is ... Comprehend?. 

Authority to Overturn Overrule Overcome. 

SCOTUS is the HEAD of Judicial Branch in USA.

 Warn you. Don't MOCK (disrespect) Jesus Christ, Don't ...  for retaliation is SWIFT & SEVERE. Buddhist Burma is the perfect example to suffering in retaliation on Discriminating Christianity. Just because you didn't see, it doesn't mean it's not there (exist). Air is the perfect example. Communicating with Yeshua is personal private & peaceful spiritually. Amen.--- Faith Junkie.

Not legit IF unfair7thSense

TIMING is what all about. DIVER Decision will come. No doubt about it. Like I said, NOT legit IF unjust [ unfair ]. Trust me.--- 7thSense




United States of America is ...
THE Constitutional Republic. Nothing can change that. Like it or not. Foundation built on solid rock, ordained by YAHWEH.
A b s t r a c c a 3:33am 

TRUTH of the matter:America is ...  The Constitutional Republic.YAHWEH Nation Remains The Same.No Change No Compromise No Nonsense.It is what it is. Amen.  06 04 2024Tell me Show me Prove me ONE Nation out of nearly 200 Nations on Earth that is Superior than "The Constitutional Republic" USA. Yes just ONE...... No Sweat !.Magnificent Seven.

Bottom Line:Let the world see and understand YOUR definition of JUSTICE and MINE.I don't celebrate on other people's misfortune.June 3rd, 2024.

Kyaukkone:  06 03 2024This is where 4 way street (4 guys group) was born/form. I will rename this Baptist Church for my private use as Kyaukkone Baptist Church. [ KBC ]. I remember it was late evening and Dark. We were sitting on the concrete steps of entry to the Church. Outside of Church compound & the gate was closed. From the steps we can see the Kyaukkone Road that is peaceful & quiet with no cars running at all. 1 hollow acoustic guitar & 4 of us at the steps to the Church. The Beatles (4 guys) had Abbey Road. We have Kyaukkone Road.Wisdom comes from the Holy Bible. Amen.+++ Kyaukkone Knowledge Kink (3 guys including me survive I guess & wish. 1 passed away). I personally wanted to meet those other 2 if I can or God's wish. If not so be it.

NEVER underestimate a situation, ANY situation for TIME changes so are situations. NOTHING is permanent in our God Created Universe EXCEPT God. Amen."Success" depends on individual perception.Wisdomizer. Kyaukkone Knowledge Kink.

Nobody Above The Law.
OK fine... but what kind of Law? Unbiased or Bias Law. Just or unjust Law. Perfect or imperfect law. Double standard or single standard law. Simple or Sophisticated law. Good law or bad law ... I can go on forever. Be specific Be precise and Be perfect for when you're dealing with laws it matters.

Mahar Bandula st. & 39th st. Junction.

06 02 2024

CARRY ON is our Group Anthem. We name our best friends group as *Four Way Street*. 1st Leader T.A. 2nd W.B. 3rd (me) and 4th Z.L.T. Our Group 4 Best friends in Kyaukkone Myanmar favorite CSNY ALBUM 4 Way Street. We name our group as [ Four Way Street ] back then in Yankin Yangon Myanmar. I learn the leader T. A. passed away. I'm still alive. The other 2 I don't know, no contact. T. T.    06 02 2024

Carry On ( Love is coming to our side ). The Original CSNY. My/Our young group (4 of us) living in Kyaukkone, Yankin, Yangon Myanmar at that time favorite Album CSNY "4 way street".


Carry On. Yes, Carry On. New Day, New Way, New World.06 02 2024  ///  D I V E R

06 01 2024

BURMESE Food. One of a kind Asian/South Asia Food. Unique, Unknown and Delicious not to mention healthy fresh & cost effective. Even Chinese & Indians born grew up in Myanmar cook n taste better than their fellow original Countries.

I encourage Institute like this...University of British Columbia . UBC Myanmar Initiative future research for Democratization. Always good & wise in preparation of NEW FEDERAL MYANMAR .D I V E R


Rarest of the Rare:I''m addicted to Garlic. I eat fried Garlic like potato chips. I never run out of fried Garlic boxes. Each time I buy I bought at least 2 or 3 plastic container boxes and stock up. Despite smell complaint I never let go eating. My number 1 snack I can eat everyday without boring. Yes I eat garlic every day for years. I love Garlic. I don't know coincident or not. My top favorite foods happened to be rare EXOTIC foods like Barbecue Goat Balls, Roasted Goat Brains, Seasoned Salted Dried Fish, Fish Intestines Curry, Roasted Goat/Cow Boops muscle to name a few. Most of them ONLY available in Myanmar. I like Cow Milk too. This available in every super market in USA.5:55am 06 01 2024




05 31 2024

My favorite barbecue is goat balls barbecue mostly at Indian Restaurants check out at 13:23 video

4:44am Nexus Note:Let the PEOPLE know in advance the pros & cons of being THEIR elected President's (Current or Ex) circumstances. If you really, truly want TRUE & FAIR Justice make/propose appropriate laws send it to Congress where Congress pass/make laws ratified by Congress (Legislative) AND by both White House (Executive) & SCOTUS (Judicial) and all 3 Branches AGREE, if 1 disagree it will be nullified. After approved unanimously then only convict the current or ex President whoever that is with CLEARLY Established Laws well known by the PEOPLE. That's the "proper way" to criminalized ANY President or Ex President. Do not "ignore" People's Right to know & understand THEIR elected (past or present) leader's fair Judgment. P.S. Presidents are no ordinary persons for they are elected by the people therefore People's understandings & approval is much needed. You cannot just go around criminalized ANY current or ex President like ordinary guy or Gal. Presidents are Protected & Special you know for they represent MILLIONS of people. Especially SUPER POWER NATION President. Criminalizing your own President is no small matter nor wise.Splendor Nebula.

My Ranking: Number 1 design,  color & logo.Myanmar Airways International  [ MAI ]. Like "humming bird", small but ultra unique. I don't MIX Truth with lie or Politics with Justice / Military or Religion with Culture / Nature or Water with Oil or Travel with war or birthright with human rights etc. I don't for these are separate issues. 

Humming Bird

05 30 2024

Holy Diver [ Dio ]

Pink Floyd project

Thadar To Terence

Terence To Thadar

S e e r S

Moe Thadar

Out of all Burmese Curry dishes my favorite curry ( # 1 ) is "Fish Intestines Curry". It is seasonal availability and very rare. Can only get at some Burmese Restaurants or Street Stalls.I want to see FOOD and they show Religion (Buddism). They mix religion with food Military with politics Culture with Religion etc. No wonder Burma is fOck up in a mess.

Indian Food Yangon looks delicious. My favorite are goat balls barbecue & goat brains curry the man is eating. One thing strange is, the Indians & Chinese who were born grew up in Myanmar cooks very delicious foods and their food tastes excellent. Better than outside Myanmar Chinese & Indians. Strange it may seem but it's true.

Love @ 1st Sight.
Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender. Nature, You & Me.Bread Band.Sweet Surrender Seers.

Magnificent Mesmerizing Myanmar --- Tattama Ala   《|》

Rebel Groups. It left out number 1 strongest chinese support ARMY ... UWSA United Wa State Army (40,000 or more) and SSA Shan State Army.

01 02 2024

Hi Hooligan Heart
Did you seriously think strangers know MORE about you than you yourself?. Especially the adversaries?. No wonder the world is full of problems with people like that ... Pure Truthful Heart 01 02 2024.

Myanmar Christian (Kachin Race) Wedding. Myanmar Christians Baptist Church Wedding in Kyaukkone, Yankin Township, Yangon Myanmar. This Kachin couple [Myanmar Celebrity] took Wedding vow at My Mother's [founder] Kanbe Baptist Church. This is the same Church where I was BAPTIZED (12 yrs old) too. Not only my mother is one of the founders but also leads the Church Choir and plays Piano very well. My talented mother has a beautiful voice and did produce records during her young Singer days in Myanmar then known as Burma. Her most popular song is call "Myare Nat Maung" meaning "Cupid" in English. Reception the wedding party give is Hotel near well known place called INYA Lake close to Yankin Township, Yangon City. My mother brought up 4 siblings single handedly when my dad passed away when I was just 9 yrs old. As a single mother without remarrying (she still young) she works as Teacher both morning & afternoon shifts at Methodist English High School, Rangoon now Yangon. Weekend Saturdays she teaches piano tuition to Tiger Balm Owner kids.Truth is Eternal.....   Terencelyn.  12 31 2023God Bless the couple for they have baby TWINS girls later.

Myanmar Celebrity Christian May Sue Maung Twins Girls.

God bless May Sue Maung Couple's Twins healthy baby girls. Their wedding at Baptist Church, Yangon.

Happy New & Prosperous Year 2024 from   ...   I [ Me ].Pure Heart ♡♡♡  01 02 2024.

01 01 2024

Rose Parade is my fav. Every 1st day of New Year in Pasadena, California. 01 01 2024

Presence Miracle Serenity


My point. Who is the Master?
Man or Machine. Man
Which is Superior?
Soul or Self. Soul 12242023

01 04 2024

2 Kinds of Evil.
IMMORTAL & mortal. I'm facing BOTH.

Solitaire Sacred Sanctity

Spiritual Supernatural ( immortal ) Strategies are more intense & exuberant than Physical (mortal) ones. I'm one of the "Rarest of Rare" in contact & feel the fictitious ferocious fight (November 30/final nail, December 24th & December 25th/Skeleton Nephilim).01 04 2024$$$$ ( Sacred Sanctity Seventh Sense )

Knowing what is Strategic and what is petty What does this chess game teach?. Sacrifice all your valuable & important pieces and claim the CHECKMATE winning the ultimate game. I love this game. It's short precise and wins.In Chess Game there are 3 major important steps & situation to win. 1) Situational positions placing. 2) Turn or Timing of move/turn. 3) The pieces that are in place for Offensive [attack].Sacred Sanctity  [ 9+ lives ] 01 04 2024

Kachin brother standing tall. Stand against all corrupt Myanmar politicians Military & even against Red China neighbor or not. I like his insight and policy ONLY for the PEOPLE. Power stays in the PEOPLE. I like that. No soft on Communist China. Zero Tolerance. Generation Z. I like that. Burmese Buddhist Generals are using tricks for over 6 decades. Enough is Enough.

Dr. Sa Sa my fav. Generation Z Genuine "Federal Democratic Myanmar". Reject Chinese INTERFERENCE. Myanmar Affairs Myanmar will solve. Not Chinese. Even NUG is soft on Red China. Don't like that. Ta Yoke Baw Ma A Lo Ma Sheet.



Photo Taken On February 15th, 2023.

Love, Sharing & Dedication

Eve - 1

Want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together.

Eve - 2

I want to spend the rest of my life time with you forever honey  i want someone  to spend time with, doing things together, share everything together and more. I just want one man, in my life, one I can love, and cherish, and be with.  


Stupid Signatures by Stupid Fools. One is Democratically elected U Nu & the other is 1st Dictator General Ne Win. By the way, General Ne Win was house arrested by another Dictator General Than Shwe and Ne Win died while house arrested. Giving away Kachin Villages to China makes Kachins unhappy & angry. So is Prime Minister U Nu had to went EXILED. What goes around comes around is very true.China annex Myanmar territories. Myanmar needs to take back her territories from China. Foolish to lose territories. Democratic "elected" Buddhism crazy Prime Minister U Nu is arrogant & a fool to give Myanmar territories to China. So is Buddhist Burmese first dictator General Ne Win who agreed to give away Myanmar territories to China. NAIVE & WEAK leadership both elected & coup from the past.Let's build a New Smart Myanmar, 21st Century Style.

Rival Burmese Army. The name is Bamar People's Liberation Army (BPLA) which sounds like Chinese People's Liberation Army. I suspect this Army is funded and created by China as its proxy Army. China's INTERFERENCE is 100% sure. No doubt about it. Outsiders are trying to Disintegrate the UNION. Definitely. "Myanmar Army"(Tatmadaw) needs to tackle this China's INTERFERENCE once and for all. Right now Myanmar Generals turn to Putin Russia which is foolish for Putin's position on world stage is dwindling down.

China's exploitation and invasion will cost $77Trillion USD as compensation for Myanmar, damages for Centuries to this date.


This goes to individuals, groups, employees employers corporations companies etc. etc. etc. Truth never change nor compromise. Truth is ETERNAL. Amen.06-06-2023

Once a SNAKE   Always a SNAKE06-06-2023.

F A C T :2023 Top 5 GOLD RESERVES. Number 1 is United States with 8,133 TONS. Number 2 is Germany with 3,359. Number 3 is Italy with 2,451. Number 4 is France. Number 5 is Russia.Thailand got 244 tons and Myanmar with 7.3 tons. Loud Mouth Wannabe Fraud Jackup  Super Carbon Copy Propagandist Pandemic China with her RumBumBee mass murderer money (want to replace God Bless USD) don't even rank in the TOP 5 Countries.

US gives STERN notice: Action will follow if Chinese breaking international law. Conduct like breaking international norms will NOT be tolerated.

June 5th, 2023.3 Things/Issues Need To Change Burma/Myanmar to be saved from FASCISM/FAILED State.   STOP !1] Tamadaw/Military Interference2] Buddhism Hegemony3] Discrimination, Racism Bamar/Burmese Ideology control.Photo of "Olive Tree" in My Private Gethsemane Garden Backyard. TREE = Symbol of Spiritual Superioriy & Pillar Monument (A.J.). Remember, *leadership matters*. There should be ONLY 2 official languages. Myanmar & English. Whitecross Platform...   Mynlish !+!

My Family Photos. My mom & dad sitting on my dad's car near suburbs/outskirts of Rangoon/Yangon, Burma. My dad likes hunting deer etc. He passed away when I was 9 years old. The 1st color picture is our family AFTER dad passed away. Dad left and my mom becomes single parent taking care of her 4 kids working as Teacher @ MEHS both morning & evening shifts (2shifts) 5 days/week AND give Piano Tuition to Tiger Balm Company owner kids on Saturdays (weekends). On Sundays she does Church work like playing piano & singing for Church Choir. The Kanbe Baptist Church she help FOUNDED upon still exists today in Yangon Myanmar. I had 1 big brother and 2 elder sisters. I wear a checker Tie, western wear. My younger sister with skirt came along with me together migrate to USA 1983 where my mom & elder (tall) sister living in USA as Citizens sponsor us (younger ones). Big brother passed away and didn't make it to join us in USA. I'm the ONLY sole SURVIVOR today over coming the deep recession in 2008 and pandemic 2020 of USA.06052023





Future Entity [ name with-held ]

Silent Serenity

About FED

Greenland US future State

Greenland Offer price to USA, $1.1 Trillion USD.

My advice, US go ahead and purchase Greenland as asking price $1.1 Trillion USD. Greenland is part of North America anyway.

China is dying

Greenland unveils draft constitution for independence



US Supreme Court

Other Star Systems?



Quintessentially Impeccable

I am a Christian first ... then .... Everything Else


Paradoxical Perception Creationists & Evolutionists. Creationists are precise narrow straight PATH. Evolutionists are wide tangible zigzags SPECULATION ....... Lynlight

L. Y. N. Light Years Nebula


Laser Jets

US Alien Technology Achieved [ATA]. Alien Ally Alliance. US change PATH heading towards Alienization. This step takes US 1 Century AHEAD of ALL other countries. I nickname this as "Alienized Advance Alteration". ...................  Lynlight

Focus.. Flexible.. Fixit
Prioritization replaces Globalization ...
Lynlight 07092023

Burmese money is strong and value. 1955 Exchange rate USD 1 = Kyat 6. Now USD 1 = Kyat 3,200. FAIL State.

L y n w a y 07072023


What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer

Did you know New Nation Name "United States of America" was officially adopted on September 9th? [09/09].

Lynpray. 09092023

Terence Thesis: Testament of Time.Here is the problem. When United States was born 1776 with 13 States our mostly Christian Founders wrote the Constitution putting the power in the hands of the people. Within 247 yrs this young Nation becomes Sole Super Power Nation Economically Militarily Diplomatically Spiritually Technologically Scientifically Culturally Influencely etc so the World becomes envy jealous with animosity tries to bring down United States in any way that they can, individually collectively and so on. Since this Nation was founded upon Christianity they want to eliminate Christians so that United States CRUSHED to none existence. Well well well ... Do you seriously think God would let his CHOSEN Nation to gone SOUR?. That's where Supernatural Stakes get involved to save US.Perfect example is United Kingdom where Christians are attack from within and look at UK declining and receding it's Empire shrinking each year to skeleton scale. Well well well. The Beacon of Hope United States left Standing Tall but Tainted & Wounded. God had given this Bless Nation enough strength & stamina to continue Steadfastly. ....  To be continued.THEY are targeting Christian Nation namely UK & US. UK Empire is gone as we all know. That left ONLY US but God makes US so strong & Resilience US Empire stands ALONE in this world. Not only does US withstand the Storms but thrive expanding the Stealthy Empire further more to unimaginable scope Worldwide. Right now what Americans suffering is "temporary". Homeless issues can be wipe out within 48 hrs so is drug addiction issues with the Right Leadership implementing the right policies. 

Some use "Money" as a tool but I use "Prayer" as a tool. Amen.

L y n p r a y

Divine Intervention:-:

Beware of Deception. Warning from the Holy Bible. Christian is NOT Hindu nor Hindu is NOT Christian. We are different. THAT is the TRUTH & TRUTH never compromise nor can be ALTERED or Confused. Amen.NOTE: Exceptional Young America WAS, IS, WILL BE founded on Christianity. NOT Hinduism. Never was, Never will. Water & Oil never mix. Amen.As you had mention, "Commander-in-Chief" is just a "Sidekick" given by God WE the people Trusted. Our God Bless us with many things like Technology Innovation & Creativity to name a few BESIDES sidekick and I can count the Blessings on United States Endlessly. TOE   [ True Origin Entity ]. FOUNDATION is Vital. Jesus Christ OUR savior will Save U.S. for there are LIVING Guardian Angels which you cannot see or touch IS protecting us. In the precious name JESUS ... AmenThis TEXT by TOE applied to all other faith for Truth is Eternal & Timeless. Amen.Example.India or Bharat was founded by Hinduism. Correct? So how old is India? 4,000 / 5,000 yrs OLD. Is India Super Power Nation?. No, at least Not Yet. Why India or Wannabe China took thousands of years and never was Super Power? And U.S. only a few hundred years and become Sole Super Power Nation. Why?. THINK TRUTHFULLY. Well in case some confused people might be wondering, "True God had listen to OUR prayers and choose THIS particular Nation as modern CHOSEN country starting with 13 States. Sorry, like it or not for Truth is Truth. Chosen by God that's why we call this young Nation exceptionally Super Power in a very short time. Amen ...L y n p r a y.        09082023

1983 Yangon.