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I Terencelyn PERMANENTLY deleted "Twitter" today. Valentine's Day. February 14th, 2023. Amen.


3 Gold Pointers are Spear in the middle and 2 Arrows make up of Trinity. Indigo Blue is Truth & Fairness background.

During my 40 years 0f continuously living in America I never heard of Republican States of America NOR Democratic States of America. Not once. I only heard of United States of America. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

You can lie to Autocrats IF you want BUT Be Honest & Truthful with us. The British ANNEX Burma to India during colonial rule (2 separate n independent nations into 1) to make the British easier to rule. That is "grossly wrong". What can I say? The British won the War (with Burmese 3 times & won all 3) and takes all and do whatever they want. It destroys the Independent nature of Myanmar. I don't blame the Burmese having doubts on the West, especially the Brits after what had happened in the past. The LAST Burmese King THIBAW and his Royal Family was taken to India and when the King died he was buried in INDIA. This "Rohingya thing" that Indians/Bangladeshi owns of Arakan/Rakhine is rubbish. In fact not only Arakan (their name) but also Assam (now rule by India) was part of Burmese Kingdom led by King Ba Yint Naung. I endorse Thant Myint U/TMU his YHT ( Yangon Heritage Trust ) project 100%.The British called it "Bur Ma"/Burma ( deprive from Ba Mar / Burmese Race). The Mongols who conquer China and the Chinese call it " Myin Tint"/Myintint and I, Terence Lyn (English name) @ Thane Toe Lyn (Burmese name) called it "Myan Mar"/Myanmar ... 1 Country 3 Names. He/TMU was born in USA and lives in Yangon, RUM. I/TTL was born in RUM and lives in USA. He showed/guide US 44th President Obama around Secretariat British Governance building in Yangon when Obama visited MYANMAR.TMU is same like Iconic Actress Nicole Kidman born in USA (Hawaii) but lives in Australia with her family.

Humanity & Politics are 2 different matters.My Take :-: Just as there is "Egyptology" studying Egypt, there is or should be  "Myanmaristics" studying Myanmar a Nation that exists thousands of years before Jesus era. Even right now there are many unexplored places inside Myanmar that even Myanmar Government/Generals let alone foreigners know about it.WE are now entering 21st Century  Myanmars' (or Myanmarese) Era beyond Bagan & Burma. WE will move FORWARD not backward in thinking seeking AND understanding the true nature of Myan Mar [ Mian Mar ]. Why didn't the Mongols or Manchurians or even Yuan Dynasty in present Yunnan province of China called Burma or Burmese?. Why?. Because BURMA doesn't EXIST then. They called them "Myin Tint". Seeking authentic originality in any Nation's history is an alienable BASIC rights of a Nation herself. No other Nation or Collective of Nations has the right to DICTATE or INTERFERE or BULLY in the DESTINY of a Free, Independent Sovereign Nation, a Genuine Freedom WE all cherished. Hidden History. Dr.Thant Myint U presentation.My presentation is Myanmar has a very long history dating back to thousands of years Before Christ is [ BC ] ... You cannot apply the right & correct policy on Unique & Conspicuously Different Country like Myanmar WITHOUT thoroughly understanding Myanmar completely. The approachment needs understanding the nation governance & the people of Myanmar. Actually Myanmar is an ancient nation like Egypt except Myanmar is in Asia & Egypt is in Africa. LACK of understanding can lead to CHAOS and backfires. My objective is the poor people, they suffer so long, so much but endure with a smile with " Ta Na Ka " natural cream taken from tree bark on their faces "look down" by wicked minded arrogant ones. The nation is poor but the country is rich in natural resources and that is why some countries want to see her in trouble all the time fanning the fire burning to this day. Counting dead civilians and soldiers doesn't benefit humankind. Finding/creating and solving does. Real civilization goes after the cause of *why it is what it is* and had the courage to solve it. Not fan it. With Jesus (Myanmars called it Thakin Yeshua) help we can do it. Even to Buddhist/Buddhism (imported influence converted by India, big neighbor & annexed by British) majority nation like Myanmar for "Thakin Yeshua" teachings of LOVE is blind & had no limits or boundaries. It is UNIVERSAL. [why is justice in America the lady who holds the Balance is blindfolded?] I want to recalled our 44th President Obama's Greetings as a HELPING HAND just the way he said exactly in Burmese ... Myan Mar Naing Ngan ...  Min Ga Lar Bar. [ Myanmar Nation ... Goodwill Greetings ]. The "44th Initiative" I called  it. Let's be honest sincere & truthful. Amen. NOTE.  If you ignore Myanmar you are ignoring the world because Myanmar is part of the world & contagious. So is or like wise Ukraine too is same like Myanmar. Don't be ignorant for ripple domino effects does exist AND deadly. BOTH Myanmar (Chinese) & Ukraine (Russians) was/is INVADED by foreign powerful forces suffering heavy losses unimaginable. Humanity Hermitt. 03162023.

10 years / 1 decade After/Later what goes/went wrong?.44th Initiative [My nickname for Goodwill/Gesture by US 44th President Obama.]. The Spirit & Dedication to Democracy STAYS & STANDS STRONG." Myanmar Naing Ngan Mingalar Bar" said Our 44th. Meaning "Goodwill Greetings to Myanmar Nation". Good deeds never dissipates. Amen. If I had it my way I will seal off the Entire Compound and Buildings of THIS particular University preserve & maintain as original and turn it into as "National Museum" for all people of Myanmar & the foreigners can visit as tourism attraction. In Democracy, Transparency  Counts.


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One Armed Swordsmen ( David Chiang )

Final Fight



My feedback:

LIFE begins where water is. Pahrump has abundance of Natural Fresh Water [ Underground ]. Amen. NASA / JPL named "Pahrump Hills" near Gale Crater on Planet Mars. An indication of respecting LIFE on Mars not to mention the Origins of American Freedom Town name.



P.S.     Content subject to updating by editorial editing editor [ MiniFed ] as seasonal sensational splendor. 07022023 ( Sunday )..By the way I personally visit to this Splendor picture place in Pahrump. I've been there. Love it 100%.

Chinese Banks Collapse

Solar System

Pahrump Hills Gale Crater MARS.

Stop at 10:45  18:12  19:45  22:40  Gale Crater is 96 miles in diameter 23:00



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Bold & Brilliant RDD.  $anti$ $teadfast [ $$$ ]


W D C   [ Classical City ]

CAPITAL of CHRISTIANITY  ...  W.D.C.   My Kind of City also known as Classical City. Amen. Should have migrate straight to W.D.C. from Rangoon / Yangon Myanmar. L y n p r a y.       09122023